Review of A friend At Midnight

A Friend at Midnight

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I am giving this book 1 star because I feel bad for the author and I am giving it just for the effort she made at trying to write this book.

I thought this book was going to be something wonderful and awesome and was going to teach me a lesson but in fact it didn’t. I didn’t find this book preachy at all I just found it that it didn’t teach me nothing. When I started reading it I was starting to like it and then I got to the point that I was like: WHAT IS THIS? I AM BORED!


The thing that captured me about this book was its tricky cover( which trust me it looked good but not as good as the book itself) and the title A FRIEND AT MIDNIGHT. Which I was wondering: Mmm this sounds good I wonder if its like she needs help or something.

But I started reading and what did this book teach? NOTHING!! It to was supposed to give an example of forgiving people but did Lily forgive? NOO. I know her father is terrible but HELLO!! WHAT!


Honey it doesn’t mean you go and try to kill someone with a chair and it doesn’t mean you treat people like trash. But well that’s Lily


I thought the characters were weak and stupid and the story didn’t stick to the plot at all (if you know what I mean). I didn’t like this book at all.



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