Review of Flyaway

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Title: Flyaway

Author:: Lucy Christopher

Rate: 5 stars all the way

When I first heard about this book was right here on goodreads. I forgot about it for a while but then I was looking through my goodreads’s to read list and saw it. I immediately went to the library and put it on hold. Two days later I got it and started reading it.

Let me just say that Flyway is a touching, uplifting, and all around wonderful story. I just loved it. From the beginning to the end.

A young girl – Isla – narrates this story that begins with her and her father going out early in the morning to see the beautiful whooping swans arrive at a lake near their house. But this year is different: newly constructed power lines injure the front line of the swans and drive the rest away. It looks like one young female is hurt and gets left behind by those swans able to change direction and avoid the wires, but Isla and her dad have to leave before they can check on her. While they leave Isla notices that her father is not looking well but when she asks, her father says that nothing is wrong with him and that she shouldn’t worry.

The next weekend, Isla’s dad insists they go out again and try to find what happened to the swans. At first Isla doesn’t agree but when her dad assures her that he is fine she decides to go. When her father sees a swan and starts running he falls on the ground from a heart attack. Isla, upset and scared, still manages to run back for the phone and get emergency help for her dad.

While on the hospital Isla meets Harry. A boy who has cancer.

“Its the boy with the IV. He’s watching me. The skin on his face is so pale, but his eyes are huge and bright and warm brown. He looks beautiful and breakable at the same time.”

They make a beautiful friendship that turns into romance. The two discover that by looking out Harry’s window, they can see a young female swan on the lake. Isla thinks that she is the swan they saw get separated by her flock the day the whoopers got hurt. She goes out to see her and the swan is not afraid of Isla, and amazingly, becomes attached to her. She even imitates Isla’s behavior, but does not seem to know how to fly back to the rest of her flock.

Later Isla has a school project based on Leonardo Da vincis theory of human’s flying. She has an idea that by making swan wings she could help the swan fly. With the help of her grandfather Isla makes beautiful wings and reports her progress to both her dad and Harry.

This book was just beautiful, wonderful and awesome. The imagery is beautiful. The prose was amazing and also beautiful. And when you read this book you will get touched by the words. But this book promises that it is a certain sort of book on the first page, and then it gives you exactly that. I recommend it to everybody.



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