Review of The Long Earth

Title: The Long Earth

Author(s): Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

Rating: 1 star or actually 0 if that is even legal

I opened the book. Read the first few pages and did not finish reading it. It didn’t capture me in the way I wanted it to. I didn’t even get to the third chapter. I just didn’t like it.

I think, in its way, this could be a form of futuristic book. A device allowing easy jumping to countless alternate worlds is invented. A small percentage can’t go and others don’t want to go.

The book doesn’t focus on a single person, showing us the experiences of a half-dozen or so, and head hops through a bunch more, but the primary character is Joshua, one of the first to hop, and also a natural hopper, able to travel without the device. He’s an orphan, and inclined to be a major loner, and in part his progression involves finding someone he might want to travel with.

This book just wasn’t for me.

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