Review of Stolen: A Letter to My Captor

Title: Stolen

Author: Lucy Christopher

Rating: 3 to 4.5 stars

I just don’t know what to write about this book. It was really emotional. I really had high expectations on this book but I don’t think it really captured me the way it captured a lot of people. I mean the book was really good but I sometimes found myself not getting into it or getting confused or having to read pages again.

At first I didn’t know that this book was about Stockholm Syndrome. So when I found out that it was about that well I felt like if I knew that would eventually happen to Gemma. Anyways I didn’t put it down. I kept on reading it even if it took me a little while. I liked how the author handled Gemma’s emotions and thoughts.

So the book is basically about a girl named Gemma who is sixteen years old. One day she is at the airport and is kidnapped by a good looking but rough guy named Ty and taken to Australia in the middle of a desert that is not even on a map. The reason he did it was because he loves her and expects her to do the same. As the story goes on you find out that she has seen him before in other places.

Gemma and Ty are the only characters in the book for the majority of the novel. The book makes us like Ty. And I do like Ty. I know its wrong that he stole Gemma but I liked his character. I did want them to be together even if he was some mental psycho.

I agreed with something that Nenia Campbell said”But Stolen really captures how creepy those sentiments actually are – and how far we are willing to let things slide if someone has a sexy body and a pretty face. If Ty was a fat, balding, bearded guy with bad B.O., would she have suffered the same conflict in emotion? No, and I think that’s a key part in her struggle with herself. She knows she’s being shallow and betraying her own self-interests but can’t help herself. The psychology in this book was worth the read alone.” I agree.

I liked the writing, the descriptions of nature, how Gemma tried to escape even if Ty told her not to and the plot. But sometimes I couldn t get into it.

I enjoyed more Flyway than Stolen.

I recommend it to some people who like books like this.

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7 thoughts on “Review of Stolen: A Letter to My Captor

  1. I agree with Lottie once again, love the honesty – the book isn’t for everyone, even though I think many would enjoy it. If you liked Flyaway more than Stolen I really should read it (as in Flyaway)!


  2. I know! Isn’t it so confusing that we like Ty? Completely agree with Nenia. It changes everything. I felt that with a guy about her same age that was handsome it didn’t seem so bad as it could have been. I’m really happy it was Ty and not someone like in the book: Room. God, that book was creepy. It had the same kidnapper theme but it shows the reality of everything. That’s what I think this book didn’t have. It was unrealistic and conflicted my emotions. There wasn’t a real message.


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