Review of Bonjour Tristesse

Title: Bonjour Tristesse

Author:  Françoise Sagan

My Rating: 5 Stars

First Copyright Date: 1954

Genre: Adult, Romance, Drama

 Short Summary: Seventeen-year-old Cécile spends her summer in a villa on the French Riviera with her father and his mistress. Her father, Raymond, is a seductive, worldly, amoral man who has had many affairs. His latest woman friend is Elsa Mackenbourg: she and Cécile get on well. When Elsa comes to the villa to spend her summer with Raymond, it is clear that she is the latest of many women whom Cécile has seen enter the life of her father and exit fairly quickly: young, superficial, and fashionable. Raymond excuses his philandering with an Oscar Wilde quote about sin: “Sin is the only note of vivid colour that persists in the modern world.” Cécile says, “I believed that I could base my life on it,” and accepts their lifestyle as typical. Cécile, at 17, is still somewhat naïve and tries to disguise this by attempting to attract men of the same age as her father. Her love life is unsuccessful until she meets a younger man, Cyril, with whom she has a romantic but ultimately dissatisfying relationship.

Raymond, Elsa and Cécile are spending an uneventful summer together until Anne Larsen arrives by way of an earlier invitation from Raymond. A friend of Cécile’s late mother, Anne is very different from Raymond’s other girlfriends. She is cultured, educated, principled, intelligent, and is his age. Raymond eventually leaves Elsa for Anne, and the next morning Anne and Raymond announce their impending marriage. At first, Cécile admires Anne, but soon a struggle begins between Cécile and Anne for Raymond’s attentions. The plot begins to focus on the relationship between the two women. Realizing that Anne will do away with their carefree lifestyle, Cécile devises a plan to prevent the marriage.

  Cécile is jealous and desperate for Anne to recognize the life she and her father have shared, but she misjudges Anne’s sensitivity with tragic results. 

My thoughts:  This book was recommend it to me by a friend in Goodreads who said I would enjoy it. And he was certainly right.

My thoughts:

This book is translated from the language French to the language English. I have never read a book by this author. And let me say that I loved , enjoyed, and liked this book. It was a quick, bittersweet, and tragic read but its a really enjoyable book.

What I liked:

– The Title

– The cover.

– The prose.

– Originally written in French. I love anything that has to do with France or with the language french.

– The setting which was on the 1950′s. It was on the summer in a beach. Swimming, sunbathing.

– Cécile. I loved her! I could relate to her and understand why she would do such a thing.

– That there was romance everywhere in the book.

– The tragic ending.

– That it was a melancholy, sad, bittersweet book.

– The author wrote this when she was 18 and that impressed me a lot because it became an overnight success . She did a really good job.

– Everything! From beginning to end.

What I didn’t like:

– I don’t know what to say. I liked everything from this book. The book didn’t disappoint me at all. It’s a must read and I recommend it to everybody.

 See it in my Goodreads

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