Views, Followers, Posts, and Comments!

Hi Guys! Just wanted to say that I am so glad I have this blog and I am just celebrating how many followers I have:

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Not A lot But I am still happy because that’s 9 followers already!

I am also happy because I already have 335 views since I started this blog , 61 comments, and 25 posts in total!!!!!

Well I am really happy and glad that The Reading Girl is making progress 🙂


5 thoughts on “Views, Followers, Posts, and Comments!

  1. Congratulations! I love watching the number of followers my blog has increased 🙂 And you already have nine followers! Lucky! I only had about two when I hit twenty-five!
    Sorry that I read this a little late. My WordPress reader is not updating me on the blogs I follow 😦


    • No problem.
      I know. But you have like a 100 followers.
      I haven’t been able to read any books yet. Well I am reading Breaking Dawn because a friend FORCED me to read the book and surprisingly I am liking it.


      • Well, the followers start coming faster if you comment on a lot of blogs frequently. People normally return the favor 😀
        Have you read the past Twilight books? I tried to read the first but got bored. Not that I think Twilight is a really bad book. There are books worst than it but I just found it boring :/


      • Nope. I told my friend I read them but I actually pretended to read them. But then I started reading Breaking Dawn and I actually LOVE it. Its like 800 pages and I am at 300 pages but its awesome. I love it.


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