Everybody has heard of the terrible thing that happened to Boston right?Well I just wanted to say that : Boston I am praying for you.I am just not saying this to say it, I actually mean it and I am actually praying. I wanted to write this post in honor of what happened in Boston. It was very horrible what happened and ever since that event things have been happening in United States. I don’t know what religion you guys are in but I will be praying for Boston and United Sates. Children and people died and more people got hurt. Some of them had to have their legs and hands amputated because of the chemicals the bombs had. It was a very horrible thing that happened.And it was horrible that it was in an event that its meant for people to enjoy with their families and be happy. I thank God that they caught the suspects that were behind this. We must be careful and I am just happy that nobody else got hurt where there were more bombs. Boston is in my heart and I send ALL my love over there.


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