Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma: Review


Title: Forbidden

Author: Tabitha Suzuma

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Publisher:Simon Pulse

Release Date:May 27th 2010

5 Beautiful Forbidden Love Stars

“You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel.”

Its a miracle I am even writing a review. I read this 7 days ago and I am still trying to recover from this book. A lot of people recommended FORBIDDEN to me and seemed to be reading it. And being pressured by my goodread’s friends I went and took the risk and read it.

The topic of this book is very rare and strong. And some people might not agree with it. Some people might think its disgusting or wrong. But fuck! Grow up. We have read worse things. If you really think about it their love is not wrong. It’s like any human being in love. But we know its not easy for them or for the people in this world that might be doing this.Our society has made us believe is wrong and nasty. In some way it might be but in other ways its not. You might think I am sick or loony in the head. But do you think I care? No. Their love is real.

Yes, at first I was scared to read this and thought it would be nasty, but being who I am I went straight to amazon and ordered FORBIDDEN. The topic is very strong and it might be for mature people but if you can read erotica and all that shit you can handle this. And FORBIDDEN is not nasty or anything. Its beautiful and its about a brother and sister in love…


My Lochan and Maya:


Lochan is a 17 year old gorgeous guy. He is really intelligent and could have a bright future. But he is quiet and never talks to anybody. Only to people he knows. He is given the responsibility to be the man of the house. But deep inside he is troubled and miserable…

“At what point do you give up – decide enough is enough? There is only one answer really. Never.” 


Maya is a sweet 16 year old beautiful girl. She is not as smart as Lochan is in school but she is wise in so many other ways. She is chatty and bright. And she also has the responsibility of being the woman of the house. But deep inside she is sad and lonely…

“I might appear confident and chatty, but I spend most of my time laughing at jokes I don’t find funny, saying things I don’t really mean – because at the end of the day that’s what we’re all trying to do: fit in, one way or another, desperately trying to pretend we’re all the same.” 

“…and my loneliness, always my loneliness – that airless bubble of despair that is slowing stifling me.”

Maya and Lochan have never seen each other as brother or sister. But more like best friend’s and soul mate’s. Their mother made them grow up fast and not have a childhood. Their mother doesn’t give a shit about them or Maya’s and Lochan’s 3 other siblings. Instead she drinks and parties thinking that she is still a teenager. And sometimes she doesn’t come for days to the house making Maya and Lochan the parents of the house.

“He is my soul mate, my fresh air, the reason I look forward to getting up every morning.”


But one day everything changes. Lochan realizes that he loves Maya more than a sister. He feels something physical change in his body and in his feelings and he is afraid for a while.

“I just forgot for one insane moment, that Maya was my sister

How I wish she wouldn’t walk around in that thing; how I wish her copper hair wasn’t so long and shiny; how I wish she didn’t have those eyes, that she wouldn’t just wander in uninvited. How I wish the sight of her didn’t fill me with such unease, twisting my insides, tensing every muscle in my body, setting my pulse thrumming”

“I don’t know when it started – this thing – bit it’s growing, muffling me, suffocating me like poison ivy. I grew into it. It grew into me. We blurred at the edges, became an amorphous, seeping, crawling thing.” 

One day when they are dancing alone Salsa they BOTH realize that they have fallen in love and have always been in love. Lochan knowing this is wrong, decides to stay away from her as far as possible. And Maya decides that dating another guy is a good idea… But deep inside they are desiring each other more than ever…


“It’s always nice being fancied. It’s always nice being wanted. Even if it’s by the wrong person” 

Lochan tries to convince himself that this is a good idea and tries to forget Maya and the love he has for her. But he just cant…

“But then why is it so terrible for me to be with the girl I love? Everyone one is permitted to have what they want, express their love as they please, without fear of harassment, ostracism, persecution, or even the law. Even emotionally abusive, adulterous relationships are often tolerated, despite the harm they cause others. In our progressive, permissive society, all these harmful, unhealthy types of “love” are allowed–but not ours.” 

Nico is a nice guy and tries to kiss Maya when they go out but she doesn’t kiss him back. She only loves Lochan. And she leaves Nico and goes home. What happens next is my favorite part of the book. It seriously is. (view spoiler) And they kiss…

Lochie’s lips are rough yet smooth, hard yet gentle. His fingers are strong: I feel them in my hair and on my neck and down my arms and against my back. And I never want him to let me go


They know its wrong. Very wrong.And they try to end it but how can something so wrong feel so right? Their love is so strong that it hurts them…

I love you, so much that it’s killing me, yet all I can do is push you away and hurt you until eventually your love will turn to hate

They still try to be together everyday hiding their forbidden love…



But as the story goes on there are happy moments, sad moments, and mad moments. But it all just turns into a beautiful yet tragic story…

Read it yourself and you will find out.


WOW! Forbidden was a very difficult story to read. It really was. It was beautiful but depressing at the same time. It will change you and want to make you scream and cry and hate. If I say that FORBIDDEN was enjoyable I would be lying. I am not saying that this is a bad book for I obviously gave it five stars but its not a book with happy moments or enjoyable moments. Maybe some happy moments but the rest are strong and heartbreaking moments. This book will ruin you and change your point of view in so many ways. Its very realistic.

In the end I couldn’t forget this story. I loved all the characters that were important and kind. Even the bad ones were written in a brilliant way. The whole book was perfection and I loved that Maya and Lochan each had a POV and I could see what they each felt and how they struggled with themselves.

This time I wouldn’t recommend this to everybody like I always do. I would recommend this to some people who could understand this book and see way past them being brother’s and sister.

I loved this book even if it was sad. It was beautiful and Tabitha Suzuma did a beautiful job and I give her a thousand applause’s:


In the future I would read all of her books.

“Get through today – you can fall apart tomorrow. Get through tomorrow, you can fall apart the day after . . .”

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