The Athena Effect by Derrolyn Anderson

 Title: The Athena Effect

 Author: Derrolyn Anderson

 My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

 Publisher: Self- Published

 Release Date: August 29th 2012

A free copy given to me by the author for an honest review

***Full Review***

5 freakishly awesome stars

So first of all let me just say something about this book or rather let me put it on as a gif:


Yes, exactly what it says there. And also: This book is just WOW, WOW,WOW, AND WOW. Just how you read it there. 4 BIG WOW’S. Or let’s just say 100xBIG WOW’S. Because it is.

Oh and right now I am huge fan of Derrolyn. A BIG HUGE one. She is so awesome. And her book is so fucking awesome and it was just amazing. And I am so glad she gave me a copy to read. So let me tell you, Derrolyn that I think we will be good friends. I think we already are ;).

So when she sent me that copy to read I was happy. You cannot explain the way I was.


But enough with my praise and let’s get to the part of the review where I tell you about the story and her awesome work.

My Caledonia and Calvin (Cal and Cal):


Caledonia is a unique beautiful girl. She lives secretly away from the whole modern world because her parents for some reason are hiding her from a man named Teddy. Caledonia does not know why she has one eye green and the other blue or why her parents are hiding her from that man or… why she can see people’s emotions in color’s. For her, her life is going fine and perfect until something happens. She is sent to the city and that changes her whole life forever…


Calvin lives in the city. He is a bad boy. Popular, handsome, and a lady’s man. Oh and a biker *sighs*. His life is messed up but he doesn’t show it on the outside. One night he is doing an errand for his brother and he sees Caledonia and his life changes too and he can’t seem to forget about that almost looking ghost girl…


So their story begins. Caledonia moves to the city with her aunt and meets Calvin or Cal. She tries as best as possible to be a wallflower in her high school and pays little attention to Calvin no matter how much HE tries to get her attention. The reason is that he can’t understand why Caledonia doesn’t want him. I mean every girl wants him. But Caledonia sees him as a big idiot. And that makes him like her a lot. Soon Calvin and Caledonia start becoming good friends. And he sees he can say things to her he had never said to anyone. And then they start becoming more than friends…

As the story goes on really weird and strange things start happening and that’s where all the suspense starts…


My Thoughts:

I loved this book. I really did. It was unlike anything I ever read. It blew me away.


It had kind of a magic to it. And it was very different from anything I have read. I just can’t explain how this book is.

I loved the characters. They were very realistic because even if each of them appeared to have a kind of perfect life they each had problems of their own and a story behind their life’s. And I liked that. I loved Caledonia. She wasn’t like all the heroines that they have in the books. Perfect, annoying and all that. She was tough, strong, intelligent, and ignorant. And I admired her character. I LOVED Caledonia power’s. It was just so awesome how the author could write how she could see people’s emotions. And I really liked that. I liked that there were color’s to describe people’s emotions. I also liked Calvin a lot. At first he appeared to be some bad boy lady’s man but as the story goes on you can see he has kind of a sad past and messed up life and when he meets Caledonia everything changes for him. I also liked the side characters. They weren’t really that much in the story but they were fun.

The story was really awesome. The first half was about Caledonia and Calvin’s relationship and their character development which I really enjoyed. And I really liked the second part but I wont spoil that for you.


The writing was amazing. I loved reading the descriptions of the emotions Caledonia could see. I liked how read and pink were for love or dark green was for envy. Each tone of color was for an emotion.The author describes the settings really well and I could just picture the places in my head with the details she gave me. And she did an awesome job. Also I loved the whole biker guy thing.


In the end the Athena Effect is a must read. It was quick but its enjoyable and I loved it. And its a big YES:


Derrolyn deserves a LOT of applause’s for her awesome job:


I recommend this to everyone. And I cant wait to read the second book which the author kindly provided to me.


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