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So, I think this will be the begining of this blog having different posts other than book reviews.

I was just sitting in my computer thinking about movies and I wondered “Why dont I do a post based on books that have been made into movies?” So I did.

I wanted to share that idea with you guys. There have been a lot of GREAT books made into good movies and other GREAT books made into not so great movies. The reason why is, that a movie will never be as great as the book. Because when you read the book you imagine it your own way and you live the moment and you choose how the charecters look in your own way and you decide if you want to enter that worl or not. And a book is a treasure that you will never forget.

A movie is great. But sometimes the people that make the movie choose actors and actresses to play those characters and they choose some actors that we dont like or just dont seem right  for that role. Sometimes the directors fail to put that magic into that movie and its hard to get into that world and imagine it as your own. And sometimes two hours of a movie is just not enough for the audience to actually see the greatness of the book and truly enjoy and get into it like you would with the book. But there are directors that make movies as great as the book. They just make that same magic that the book has appear in that movie. And its a good thing that our technology has allowed us to make books into movies and experience what other people might have imagined the characters of the book look like and it has allowed us to converse about the book and movie.

Here are some pictures of GREAT books I thought were made into some really good Movies:


  Life of Pi 2012 Poster.jpg

The Life of Pi book and movie were beautiful. I mean everything was magic. It was just so beautifully made and written. If you havent read or seen the book and movie you should. I thought they chose great actors and I thought it was just perfect and anybody can read and see the movie. The audio and the way they made the storm part and sinking boat part so realistic was just amazing. And the way the young actor played his role was 100 percent perfect. No wonder it won an Oscar in best director and film( I think).



Both the two films and book are beautiful. The cartoon movie is magical and it makes you want to live in Neverland and be Peter Pan and fly in the clouds with pixie dust. The human version was the best. I couldnt stop thinking about it after I saw it. It just made you get into that world. And the romance of Wendy and Peter Pan was beautiful and yet heartbreaking.The book is beautiful and it was written in such a way that you can just actually see everything being played out in front of you.

And one last book out of so many:


Wow! Just wow. If you havent seen this movie or read this book, you should. Its a tragic story but its really good written. And the movie… just leaves you breathless. It just made you want to get in there yourself and live the action and movie. Everything was just great.

These were some of the three books I could think of. If you have other books commnent below and write the title and explain why you liked the movie and book.

Also some books that should be made  into movies should be :

      The Athena Effect by Derrolyn Anderson Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti: reviewPenelope by Anya Wylde: Review   Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma: Review    Image

If you would like to coment below, go ahead and post what books you think should be made into movies and what were some good books made into good movies or probably bad movies.

If you would like to see the reviews for some of these books go ahead and just click the book reviews button.


2 thoughts on “Books and Movies

  1. Oh, I think The Fault in Our Stars is actually going to be a movie 😀 You give some pretty good points– movies have a two hour maximum time limit that probably won’t allow it to be as fulfilling as the book. And seriously, I think we have all had times when we were like, “WAIT! THAT GUY IS PLAYING THIS CHARACTER!? THIS IS NOT RIGHT!” There are exceptions of course– I hope The Book Thief is one of those.

    Anyways, you know what I really want to see? Songs being made into books. That would be pretty fun to experiment with 😛


    • I heard that it was going to be made into a movie. But I hope its as perfect as the book. I don’t think 2hrs would be enough. The Book Thief is being made into a movie?
      Lol. That’s a great idea. Songs made into books…hmm…yep that would be fun 😀


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