The Girl that read’s “too much.”

 Sitting quietly by her desk, her mind wandering off into the world of Neverland, suspense and romance.  A world that would never exist.

  Friendly, social when she wants to be, always doing her work….but always with her book. Holding it like a precious gem. Scared that if it is taken away her fiction world would crumble right beside her and reality would come back and feel like a slap in the face. She would do anything to just sit in her bed with a cup of hot chocolate and read books and be swept in a world that would never be as interesting as hers.

 Time passes by and there she is…in the story. Fighting pirates along with Peter Pan. Falling in a whole with Alice. Falling in love like Jane Eyre. Surviving the concentration camps along with Lina in a life full of shades of white and black…a life Between Shades of Gray. Surviving high school with Melinda…trying to Speak up. Fighting with arrows along Katniss. Each adventure better than ever. Each story full of life, feeling like she has lived a thousand life’s. Being born again and transforming into a new character and starting fresh.

And that one question that always seems to  just interrupt her world.

“Why are you always reading?”

“Why do you read too much?”

 Oh, how I wish they could understand what they are missing. A question I would never fully answer and they wouldn’t understand.

“First of all, there is no such thing as “reading to much.” You read as much as you want, and if its an amazing book nothing can make you stop reading. Reading is amazing. Reading a book is magical. Its like the story that was written is meant to be for you and for you to live in it and experience something new! It’s for you to feel what the characters feel and imagine right there what is happening. Reading a book is like finding new treasure. Its a beautiful adventure that would never be forgotten. Its like dreaming with open eyes. And you never feel alone. Its an escape from the crazy horrible world we live in. Reading a book is something new and can help you in life. You can learn. So never judge me if I read “too much.” Just see it as if I am experiencing a life that you will never get a chance to be in.”

Some stay amazed at my answer. Others just say “okay..” and leave.

 That girl, that reads “too much” and holds her books like a diamond…is me. The blogger.

Books are beautiful. Trees are killed so a story is written for us. Reading a book is like going into a new country that you have never been in and falling in love with it and wanting to stay in there forever. Never wanting to come out.


14 thoughts on “The Girl that read’s “too much.”

  1. I wasn’t aware that you were this deep. I like it. I can relate a lot to this. The reasons you gave for reading are my reasons for writing. If the plot is good to me there’s no such thing as “why do you write so much”. It’s just amazing. Keep posting Yazmin. I like your name too by the way.


    • :). Right now I just started reading for the First Time The Lord of The Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien. I have this edition where its one book with all three of them together. Its almost 2000 pages long! But I can read that :P. I have seen the three Lord of The Ring movies..which are amazing to me. And I have seen the two new The Hobbit movies, which are also amazing. What about you?


      • I just finished A Brief History by Donna Tart which was fantastic. I’ve started to read the autobiography of Andre Agassi which is superb so far. Most autobiographies are pretty flat, but this one is written at the end of his career and is full of analysis and perception.


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