Forty Days by Stephanie Parent: Review

 Title: Forty days

 Author: Stephanie Parent

 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

 Pages: 314

 Published by: Stephanie Parent

 Date Published: February 10th 2013




“The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. So the Lord said, “I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the land, man and animals and creeping things and birds of the same heavens, for I AM SORRY THAT I HAVE MADE THEM.”

Genesis 6:5-7


“My grandfather is a madman, and the entire village knows it.”


And the rain was upon the Earth for FORTY DAYS and forty nights.






She is the granddaughter of the madman…the madman that has built a great big ark…the madman that everybody hates…because of his message from God:

The World is going to end…because of the GREAT FLOOD.


wants her.

She doesn’t

even believe

her grandpa’s

supposed prophecy.

Just finding comfort

on her wood carving

But she notices

someone and

that is




person to

want her….



The boy who is always following behind…

The boy that is truly there for her

The boy that has obviously

always wanted her

no matter what



But the rain begins…and doesn’t stop. It rains and rains…


And then time time rushes forward again,and with it the rain seems to double its force, making me stumble. 

Neima’s world is torn apart…she is inside the ark with her family. Suffering, shocked, numb, thinking that its not possible.

That her grandpa’s God is real. But feeling broken. For all that she has left behind, what happened to her between her cousin, best friend, and village.

Time moves strangely up here, in this dark damp space with the rain beating like a wall of sound around us: thoughts come slowly, but once they’ve formed, they hang on tight and refuse to let go.

Neima finds comfort with the animals in the ark and starts to realize that this is the reality.

But she can;t seem to forget about the golden brown eyed boy and soon realizes a shocking truth that causes the biggest consequence yet…



I really liked this book. I liked the whole concept of a new version of the story of Noah’s Ark. It captivated me from the moment I saw the cover to the moment I started reading it. I couldn’t stop. As weird as it ,might sound I read this in the shower, in my free time, and before bed.

I liked the detail, the conflict, the emotions, the characters, the description of everything, and the plot.

It was a really good story. But what stopped me from giving it five stars was the writing. It needed a little bit of grammar work. I am not saying that Stephanie writes horrible, because she doesn’t, but that she just needs a little bit of work with the grammar. Also that it was a bit slow. It took kind of forever for the flood to come and the romance to come. When the romance came it felt like it was jammed up and it was written as a unimportant event. But despise those little flaws it was a really good story.

I loved Neima. She was strong, beautiful in her own way, determined, and brave.

Jorin was sweet, kind, protective, and also beautiful to me.

I really can’t find words to describe how good this book is!! But just when it was getting really good its when it ends. Cliffhangers!!! The summary warned me but it took me by surprise.

I can’t wait to the second book.



Thinking at all is far too difficult. Wanting things to be simple, clear, the way they used to be, when I knew who was good and who was bad, whom to hate and whom to love. Wanting the world to be whole again.


Water whirls around us, slams into us from all sides, forcing us closer and closer together until our edges dissolve and we become one thing, one seeking, reaching, desiring being.




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