Night Moves by Andrea Smith: review

  Title: Night Moves

  Author: Andrea Smith    

   Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

   Pages: 365 pages

  Published by:  Meatball Taster    Publishing

 Date Published: November 21st 2013

*****5 beautiful amazing stars

Full honest review posted today. Enjoy!





Running away from a broken heart…

Something New to Her…


The gorgeous Darcy finds herself in the beach and sees him…


She sees him…this beautiful man…

“How is anyone with ovaries supposed to pretend to be at war with a guy that looks like him?”

And the beginning of something harsh but extraordinary is about to begin… 


He is gorgeous, 

he is sexy,

he is broken,

he is strong, 

chased by his demon

He can’t help being attracted to that gorgeous girl


He catches her eye in a mirror

She sees him in that mirror

And it reminds him of someone from his past

And she wants him, very much


And it all BEGINS


Their complicated journey begins…

beautiful one…

broken one….

touching one….

healing one…

A journey where Easton wants revenge

A journey where Darcy is strong and not frightened

A journey where along the way Easton falls in love with the

person that reminds him of the girl he hates

and haunts him





God!!! I love this book so much! It’s my new favorite.


Darcy….could there be such a beautiful heroine as her??

Could there be such a smart and determined heroine as her??

She might have seemed spoiled and has her way. But when I read

her point of view I didn’t feel like I was reading about a

spoiled girl. I felt like I was reading the story of a strong

beautiful person who was learning and becoming tougher


Easton *sighs*


First of all let me say something…you will love him, desire him,

but you will hate him and want to kill him.

He was hot. With his British ways, body, and strength…

a pure alpha male. He was broken but along the way Darcy

healed him without meaning too.

She healed him and made him finally love….



I loved their story. I loved this whole fucking book.

It was brilliant.

The writing,detail,emotion,hot-sex,characters…

Everything. It was a story about love, healing, and finding out


that you can be free and be a different person

and finally love who you were meant to love


I am still dreaming about this book. I hope that you all decide

to read this. Andrea…you did an amazing job!!! 😀


An ARC provided by the author for an honest review.

Thanks Andrea 🙂




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