Because of You by Sam Mariano: New Author Review

Because of You by Sam Mariano Title: Because of You

Author: Sam Mariano

Rating: 4.5 stars

Pages: 365

Published by: Self-Published

Date Published: November 4th, 2013

Quick Note: Because of You is a book by a new author named Sam Mariano. She has worked extremely hard for this novel and I hope you guys check it out. You will not be disappointed!

4.5 beautiful stars


“If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t have changed anything…
If I had the chance to choose all over again, i would still take the same path I had taken”


There is so much that I have to say…I can’t even find the right words for this review…this was such a beautiful journey of finding yourself, learning from your mistakes, living with the past and trying to forget, and simply just about love, hate, and forgiveness.


Because of You is not what I imagined at all…It was unlike any story I have ever read. It was gorgeous. It made me think about life, about problems, about the past…it made me feel something inside that just made me break and realize that the past is what it is and even if you try to change it or not re-live it, life is just life and things just happen without expecting it. It made me realize that you have to make hard choices no matter how much it hurts. It made me realize that no matter how much you want to hate someone you just can’t. It made me realize that forgiveness,trust, and letting go is the key to everything.


“In that fleeting moment, I wished that it could be the last time I ever looked back.

I knew it wouldn’t be.”



Because of You is not a happy story, it’s rather depressing. What do you think when you look at the cover? That it’s going to be a book about romance…happy romance, happy events, a happy ending,happy everything. Your typical stories. And don’t get me wrong,this story has its bright side, happy moments, and funny scenes but it doesn’t fully focus on that. I love happy stories but sometimes you have to read a sad story to wake up. You get what I mean? Because of You is the opposite. It’s sad, heavy, emotional, and heartbreaking. It makes you feel and realize A LOT of things. It’s a bittersweet story and mainly a story about Nicole and Derek growing up and having their own journey of love, hate forgiveness, games,trust, distance, and heartbreaks.


“Be happy, Derek. I want you to be happy.” 

Because of You….Because of You….Because of You…was a story that from the beginning is not happy but you can relate to what is happening. You can relate to that feeling of having your first love, of when you try to hate someone but fall madly in love with them, of when you screw up big time and try to fix everything, of when you try to trust, of when you try to not repeat the same mistakes but can’t help it…of when you finally understand that life is not a fairy tale.

“I’m sorry, Nikki,” he whispered. “I’m sorry I did this to us.” 


But there is a bright side filled with a dry but funny humor between Nicole and Derek. A humor that left you laughing and hating Derek but loving him. A humor between father and daughter. A humor between Derek’s dad and Nicole. But what is an event of revenge and games turns out to be something about love.

“For a little while, Derek enjoys toying with the daughter of the woman who robbed him of a mother, and Nikki—having read in her mother’s carefully kept journals all about her mistakes with Derek’s father—has no concerns that she would ever make the same mistakes that her mother made, allowing “love” to poison her soul and destroy her life. For that matter, Derek was the last person in the world she would ever fall for.”


Derek and Nicole’s relationship is just a beautiful love between both of them. There is forgiveness and laughter. There is trust and there is life.


But the past collides with the present…and that’s when everything that seemed so sweet and alive is torn.

“It seemed I was torn;I wanted my goodbye, and I didn’t. I wanted him to make me stay,and I wanted to go.”


This was a book that even though it was sad and bittersweet it is a book I recommend to all. There are hot love scenes, sad scenes, and delicate fragile scenes. Scenes where you just want to scream and yell and you are extremely surprised. The ending just killed me but it went well with the story.

Sam Mariano provided this to me and I am extremely honored to have read this. There was a little bit of grammar to fix but other than that she has talent for writing.

This book needs to be read. Mariano has put a lot of effort and deserves to be known. Read this and you will not be disappointed. Because of You will forever stay in my heart no matter what. It is one of those books that when you finish reading you just whisper “Wow..”

“Besides like Cassidy, said, my journey is still far from over”

Copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Follow her at her new website!


19 thoughts on “Because of You by Sam Mariano: New Author Review

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  2. Good review. Despite life’s hardships, I do still believe in happily ever afters… Not the way Hollywood brainwashed us to believe, but in a different sort of way.

    I do feel like I would enjoy this book.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy 2014,


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