The Reading Girl creates…a Facebook Page


Hello fellow bloggers and followers….I have something to announce and that is that I recently made a Facebook page for The Reading Girl blog! I think that is very exciting and a big step for this blog. It is a way to get more traffic and just post interesting posts, pictures, quotes, cover reveals, etc. And to interact with my audience and that way they can also be able to visit my blog and have fun liking pictures and posts. I already have 29 likes since I made the announcement in Goodreads a while back and family and friends helped. So each day people like my page and my blog audience grows more!

wpid-IMG_13828275817820.jpegSince I recently made the page I haven’t really posted that much. Only a few quotes and pictures. But my goal is that by January and February I start posting weekly or probably daily so that way visitors and followers have something to look forward to when they visit my page.
So please…if you have a Facebook page just type in The Reading Girl and click like :). It would be a big help and if you don’t want to do that much work just look to the right of this blog and you will see a Facebook Like Page box and click like :D. Its optional and I am not making you do it, but it would be a big help and very awesome.

I look forward to this…thanks!

-The Reading Girl


10 thoughts on “The Reading Girl creates…a Facebook Page

      • I was kidding :)..thanks and you’re welcome. Have you thought about making a Goodreads account? It would help your book become more popular and you can friend request great reviewers wich will make your book even more popular. I have an account and i am friends with them. I can tell them about your book Hero’s Tale :)..if you want..and you can make yourself a fan page in goodreads 🙂


      • See what I mean? So supportive. I think I will do that. There’s a lot of foreign people on here. The website would help with popularity and localization. I’ll make an account and you’ll be my first add


      • Haha :). Its the way I am! My name is Audrey*Ebook and Romance Lover* its a great website and I am a great reviewer myself in that website(yes I am being modest) haha. Anyways when you make one let me know!


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