1 year blog anniversary of The Reading Girl


Today I am celebrating my blog anniversary…well technically its January 12 but I won’t be able to post anything that day.

Celebrating my anniversary

I am very happy with everything that has happened this past year! Time fly’s by doesn’t it? I still remember my friend Lottie helping me create my blog, posting my first review, decorating my blog, adding extra things, meeting new people, and just experiencing that sensation of having a blog.

I never thought I would have a blog until the idea just popped into my mind and I knew I just wanted to have a blog. I am very glad I made that decision because then I would have never met some of you that have been great friends, would have never experienced what having a blog is, and just would have missed out on the fun of blogging. The Reading Girl blog has been the best thing I could have ever created. I come up with all these ideas that I am eager to share with you all.

I am very happy  with the progress I have made:

  I already have 251 amazing followers that I admire and respect for always having the time to read my posts, liking, and commenting.

  I have posted 88 posts this past year and have had 200 likes in total.

  I have 9,250 views in total ever since I started blogging.

  I also received my first award from Don Charisma blog.

It’s for bloggers who have never been featured in Freshly Pressed. I am very honored that happened to me, it may seemed odd but once you read the post you will understand why I am honored. If you guys want to learn more about it go to his website and check it out. It’s an amazing blog and I love it.

I have also, reviewed plenty of books and have recommend them to fellow bloggers. I have posted interesting posts, my progress, poems, and my own writing. Blogging has been a great experience. I love it. I love my blog, name, and decorations. EVERYTHING!!

This past 2013  has been great for me including this month of 2014. I have gone to Texas, have read A LOT of books, have met authors, have been getting known in the blog world, and have graduated my school with excellent grades. And to be honest 2013 has been great for me.

I also want to add what I would like to do here…


  1. I want to post more reviews and more of my writing. I want to get your opinion and feedback of how well I write.

 2. I want to read 150 books this year. My challenge in Goodreads will be done…I just know it!

 3. I want to get more followers and more likes in my Facebook page 🙂

 4. I would at least like to get a few awards on my blog

 5. I want to meet more bloggers

 6. I would like to get more self-published authors to ask me to review their books.  More requests than, I have already been asked.

 7. I would also, like to post more of my pictures as a photographer.

 8.  I just want to have a great time at blogging 😀

Currently Reading as of this year 2014

  Yes…after watching the movies I just had to read this…its the three books combined so 1,178 pages to read. It’s my second book of the year and I know I will love it very much. J.R.R. Tolkien is amazing. Should I do a movie review?? Let me know! Wish me luck guys!!

Small review I posted in my Goodreads:


Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien better surprise me 🙂

Loved the movies and also the two hobbit ones that were recently made 🙂

Its 1,178 pages…so wish me luck my friends! I know this will be a five

star for me. It might take me a month at least.


  Well, that’s it really. Blogging has been great for me. I hope my blog gets known more and I hope that each day I can share my experiences with you guys. You guys have become like a second family to me :). I also will post later on great books that I have read in the year 2013…there are many! Finally, I hope that more blogging days await me until the end of days.

 For now…Dare to Read and Enter a Whole New World. That’s my line 🙂

*I have updated my about me page…I deleted it by accident and updated it. I think its awesome :D. Check it out guys!

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26 thoughts on “1 year blog anniversary of The Reading Girl

  1. Well,Happy Birthday then! My blog isn’t even 7 months old,ha!
    Your blog is great and it’s really nice and refreshing to see someone so enthusiast as you! Your blog oozes positivity.
    Your projects look interesting and as always,I will look forward to your future posts!


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