Virginia Woolf: English Writer and Modernists of the 20th century

I have been a bit behind on blogging. I haven’t posted that many book reviews or cover reveals but soon I will. To make it up today I decided to do this post in honor of Virginia Woolf. Even though I have never read a book by this extraordinary woman,soon I will, I find the need to write about her because in this day she was born. One of the most important writers of English literature was born today and changes the world through her writing. As you read on you will learn who this beautiful woman is…and you might like her :).

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At age 20

I know a lot about Virginia Woolf. I love to learn new things and read books or research to know more about things or a person that interests me before reading any of their work or getting familiar with what they have done. Virginia is on my list. I want to read her books soon.

Personal life:

  • Virginia Woolf was born Adeline Virginia Stephen at 22 Hyde Park Gate in London on January 25th, 1882
  • Virginia had many siblings and had a vivid happy childhood
  • The sudden death of her mother in 1895, when Virginia was 13, and that of her half-sister Stella two years later, led to the first of Virginia’s several nervous breakdowns
  •  She was, however, able to take courses of study in Greek, Latin, German and history at the Ladies’ Department of King’s College London between 1897 and 1901, and this brought her into contact with some of the early reformers of women’s higher education such as Clara Pater, George Warr and Lilian Faithfull
  • The death of her father in 1904 provoked her most alarming collapse and she was briefly institutionalized. It is also said by modern scholars that her depressing moods may have been caused by the sexual abuse she and her half-sister Vanessa Bell received from their half-brothers, (which Woolf recalls in her autobiographical essays A Sketch of the Past and 22 Hyde Park Gate).
  • Virginia was depressed throughout her life but she created many great works

Now let’s get to the part of her life where she bloomed:

  • She was in a group called the Bloomsbury Group…which was the main center of attention


    A portrait of Woolf painted by her good friend Roger Fry in 1917

  • Where she met her husband Leonard Woolf and created many great friends including Roger Fry
  • Even though her husband was a penniless Jew they lived very happy and Woolf loved him very much:

Indeed, in 1937, Woolf wrote in her diary: “Love-making—after 25 years can’t bear to be separate … you see it is enormous pleasure being wanted: a wife. And our marriage so complete.”

  • This Bloomsbury Group encouraged a liberal approach to sexuality. Where she meets Vita Sackville-West and their lesbian affair starts. Her book Orlando is based on this. Eventually they end the affair but remain good friends.
  • Virginia wrote many great works including Orlando, The Voyage Out, Jacob’s Room, and many more.
  • Sadly the depression caught up to her and she filled her pockets with stone and killed herself by drowning

She believed in woman’s right and her legacy will live on forever.

Also there was a movie adaptation based on one of her books starring Nicole Kidman for which she won an Academy Award for that role. We will always remember Virginia.

*if you want to know more about her search in Wikipedia or in Interesting Literature. You can also the read the book Woman of Word’s.

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