Something You Earn

Something You Loose


Something Beautiful

Something Horrible


Something Strong

Something Fragile


It Will

Always be a Feeling

You won’t Forget


5 thoughts on “Love

  1. Yazmin, your poetry is gorgeous. I had to push the follow button. Your work is just too good to pass up, so I will find time. Did I post that today or is that for tomorrow? Too funny. Hmmm….let me think. Doesn’t matter. If it’s important enough, I’ll find the time. And your work and YOU have become important to me. How about that!! (((HUGS)))


      • I wasn’t sure if I posted “IF you have time” today or if it is for tomorrow. At this time of day, I get very tired. (giggling) I post at least 4 posts per day and sometimes like now, they blur together. LOL

        Back to reality. I must clean up my kitchen and give pm meds to my cats. It was a real pleasure talking to you…….And I mean it!!! Love, Amy


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