The Beauty of Art: Ekaterina Panikanova and Mike Stilkey

I was searching for cool paintings of books and I came across these:

By the artist Ekaterina Panikanova:

Book-Paintings-by-Ekaterina-Panikanova-10PANIKANOVA-Ekaterina-6 images (4) panikanova1 panikanova-3 panikanova-1

By artist Mike Stilkey:

download (9) Book-Paintings3 painting-on-book42 book02 9 stilkey28 book-paintings-mike-stilkey-thumb290

Hope you enjoyed this wonderful art….that’s the beauty of art…you can create whatever you want!

If you have any thoughts about this, remember to comment below 😀

The Beauty of Art © The Reading Girl


25 thoughts on “The Beauty of Art: Ekaterina Panikanova and Mike Stilkey

  1. A nice set of pictures. Highly creative and a total reinvention of the book as an art form. I don’t know if you’re also familiar with the books with scenes sculpted from the pages. I can’t remember the name of the artist who did them unfortunately. Thanks for sharing.



      • Oh ok…an amazing discovery. I just love the way the Internet can just throw surprises at us. A link would be nice, thanks for the kind offer…and you’re very welcome.

        Enjoy the remainder of the weekend 🙂



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