The Rest of My Adventure in Texas ( Warning, A LOT OF PICTURES)

As Promised here are the rest of the pictures from my trip!

Places I went: San Antonio, Texas(Downtown), Spanish Governor Palace, The Cathedral(which I think is a replica of the one in Mexico), The Alamo Museum(we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside), The Riverwalk (which is a river that runs the whole Downtown and tourists get to know about in a little tour inside a small boat), Bowling Alley, Dallas, Texas (Downtown), Old Read Museum, The Dallas World Aquarium, and finally the Airport and the Miami (where I live).

Pictures are in order (I think):

Texas 001Texas 002Texas 003Texas 004Texas 005Texas 006Texas 007Texas 008Texas 009

Texas 010Texas 011Texas 012Texas 013Texas 014Texas 016Texas 018Texas 019Texas 020Texas 021Texas 023Texas 025Texas 028Texas 029Texas 032Texas 033Texas 034Texas 037

Texas 038 Texas 039Texas 041 Texas 043 Texas 045 Texas 046 Texas 048 Texas 050 Texas 051 Texas 052 Texas 054 Texas 055 Texas 056 Texas 057 Texas 059 Texas 059 Texas 061 Texas 062 Texas 067 Texas 068 Texas 070 Texas 072 Texas 073 Texas 075 Texas 076 Texas 077 Texas 078Texas 079 Texas 080 Texas 082 Texas 085 Texas 086 Texas 087 Texas 089 Texas 152Texas 090 Texas 091 Texas 092 Texas 093 Texas 094 Texas 095 Texas 096 Texas 098 Texas 099Texas 100 Texas 101 Texas 102 Texas 103 Texas 104 Texas 106 Texas 107 Texas 108 Texas 109 Texas 111 Texas 116 Texas 117 Texas 118 Texas 119 Texas 121Texas 123 Texas 124 Texas 125 Texas 126 Texas 127 Texas 128 Texas 129 Texas 130 Texas 131 Texas 132 Texas 133 Texas 134 Texas 135 Texas 136 Texas 137 Texas 138 Texas 139 Texas 140 Texas 142 Texas 143 Texas 144 Texas 145Texas 146 Texas 147 Texas 149 Texas 153 Texas 154 Texas 155

Well that’s SOME of the pictures. The rest have my family in them and I haven’t been allowed to post pictures of them. Sorry! I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures I took of when i went to Texas :D.

The Rest of My Adventure in Texas © The Reading Girl

11 thoughts on “The Rest of My Adventure in Texas ( Warning, A LOT OF PICTURES)

  1. Oh my gosh! I don’t know where that big eyeball is located, but, it immediately reminded me of the ‘kidney bean’ in Chicago. I have to come back and re-visit this after I finish cooking dinner! Great post and pictures! 😀


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