True Beauty


Painting by Andrei Belichenko

I used to worry  too much about physical beauty

Used to think it was more important than anything

In a way it is good to have a bit of beauty

It somehow makes you feel wonderful knowing you can turn heads

But then I learned and someone told me that beauty fades away

As time passes by

That it won’t matter anymore

What will matter is how your heart is

How you acted in your life towards other

How our spiritual souls are

And as we walk more through that path

Our internal beauty Shines brighter and we glow.

That is True Beauty

True Beauty/ Poems © The Reading Girl


16 thoughts on “True Beauty

  1. So true. The tired old phrase “Beauty is as beauty does,” has been around for this long for a reason. Your actions can make you beautiful in so many ways. You’re beautiful to the whose lives you bless, and you feel better about yourself when you try to be a positive which also makes you glow.


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