Young and Beautiful/ Lana Del Rey

I first heard Lana’s voice when I was watching the movie The Great Gatsby (which was amazing and tragic), and I was just mesmerized by her voice. It sounds haunting yet beautiful. Its very different than most of the voices we hear now. I immediately started listening to her songs and I LOVED her voice and songs. Yes, her songs are sad and tragic but there is always something beautiful about it.

Lana has like a retro style and her name Lana is not actually her name. She was inspired by Lana Turner and thus she changed her name.

Young and Beautiful is a very sad but gorgeous song. I love the style and musical instruments. I wanted to share my favorite song with you guys!

Enjoy 🙂


7 thoughts on “Young and Beautiful/ Lana Del Rey

  1. Yazmin, Lana’s voice is haunting. It is beautiful. I’m at the stage of my life where beauty has quietly faded to a hazy reflection of what I looked like. These words speak deeply. This world places such emphasis on beauty and youth and when one does age, it becomes quite shocking. How can I explain this to a young woman?

    I think this song is too sad for me. It brings yearning for youth back, even knowing what I know, and that is, true beauty is in the heart. Thank you for this post! Love, Amy


  2. HUGE fan of Lana Del Rey!! Nice to see someone else is as well :). Burning Desire, Lolita, Carmen, Young and Beautiful and Blue Jeans are some of my favourites! Which others ones do you like?!


  3. I am also a big fan of her songs and voice. I always feel like her songs tell a story about a time and place I haven’t lived in and about things I haven’t experienced, but yet I feel like I was or am part of all that. It sounds strange, doesn’t it?
    I also saw her life last year, and it was amazing! However, I hate her new video, which is a combination of three songs. She is slowly drifting into the sex sells category, and I don’t like that…


  4. This song gives me chills! it is hauntingly sad but also joyful, she knows she will be loved after her youth has gone. i related to it the moment i first heard it. vertainly no longer young and beautiful but also with poor health and all the while my husband has stood by me and put up with me. that makes me feel a lot of joy when i hear this song.


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