Entangled in Webs


Taken from my balcony

 I am going to have to give credit to my sister for taking this one. I think she did a great job just capturing the spider web. But I went ahead and edit it. I edit some of my pictures in BeFunky.com. I think its a great website to edit and photoshop your images, in my opinion. I darkened the image a bit and sharpened the spider web so it would be noticeable. Then I lightened the background just a little and darkened the objects in sight. I think it turned out good.

 What I like about this picture is the spiderweb. I rarely see spiderwebs and its hard to take a picture of one if you notice one. I think its a beauty how the spider takes her time and creates this fragile yet beautiful trap for her prey. In my opinion I was surprised my sister took the time to take this and then share it with me. She is a great photographer too :).

Photograph/ Post © The Reading Girl



5 thoughts on “Entangled in Webs

  1. Gorgeous picture, I’ll have to look into that editing program you mentioned. Just wanted you to know that I finally got around to doing a thank post for awards nominations today. so glad we’re blogging friends.


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