A Poem or something


Something happened to me this week. Very personal, which made me feel happy and kind of sad. I found myself creating these words in my mind and I just had to write them down. I don’t know what to name my writing or if it evens make sense…but all I know is that if something comes to your mind you should write it down. I just had to share it with you guys.


I was confused

I was enchanted

Everything was fine

But then everything changed

I thought I was hurt

But in a way I felt relieved 

Then I decided to walk beside the light

The light that had always been there

But I had ignored

I walked by Faith 

Letting Faith guide me

Letting Him guide me

Fixing my problems 

All was mended in a

Way that was unexpected to me

I knew that even though

It would never be the same

I knew that everything 

That was wrong had turned right

And because I had walked

By Faith The Light

Did its work fixing all that was Dark

I really don’t care how the stanzas are because this is just something that came to my mind and was not even edited or anything.

This writing has a meaning to it. I am sure some of you would figure it out. If you do let me know below. 

Writing © The Reading Girl


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