“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”  – Paulo Coelho

Fear STOPS us from doing what we want

Fear doesn’t help us to succeed at all

Fear  STOPS us from opportunities

Fear is something that our mind causes

So that we do nothing in life

Fear is something sad

But you can fight fear by doing something

That scares you everyday

You can fight fear by telling your mind to go on

I wrote this because I have felt fear before. I have had fears before. I don’t know if it turned out good but I just had to share it. Enjoy!

Poem © The Reading Girl


12 thoughts on “Fear

  1. When the elderly were asked what they regretted most in life, one of the top things was they wish they had taken more risks. My husband is really big on not letting fear conquer you. He will do something that frightens him in order to not allow the fear to control him.


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