Our Night Walks

A Dark Night

The moon shining

A cool wind blowing about us

Making our dresses and shirts fly up

Shrieks and giggles escaping our mouths

We laugh

We scream

We skip, the six of us together

Guys and girls running and piggyback riding

Swinging around and jumping

Staring up at the sky

As we walk or run

We talk, we fight,

we joke, we debate,

we think, we wonder, or

Silence is our only company

Our Night Walks

Is what defines us

Our Night Walks

Is Our journey, where everything happens

The happiness, the heartbreaks

The fears, the hopes

Our dreams

And one day it will all end

One day Our Night Walks will be no more

But we will always remember Our Night Walks

As a special memory, not a forgotten one


Just a poem that was written based on my experience and what I also wish I had.

Poem Ā© The Reading Girl



14 thoughts on “Our Night Walks

  1. And the ultimate truth lies in night, in dark because the more we try to observe it in light the more it moves away from us. So, may be everything is there in night; may be even the path towards light. Somebody once said, “the whole world vanishes at the blink of my eye”.


  2. This is great! It’s so mysterious and there’s a kind of reminiscent feel to it, love the name of the poem and how its repeated as well!


  3. So true. It’s in the silence that we can really get in touch with the deeper most inner parts of our soul. Where a smile comes to the face once again or deep sadness is felt because of some remembrance, contemplations are made, what is real comes to light. Maybe that’s why so many try to escape being alone. Because they are frightened of what may come up when faced with their soul. Hmmmm.
    Great post


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