Blog Update

I simply just want to do a discussion here.

I have been thinking about updating my blog theme, but I don’t know what theme to choose.  There are some pretty great themes here in wordpress that I really like.

I wanted to know your opinion of good themes that I could choose.  Its been a hard decision.

Let me know! 🙂


33 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. Hello,
    I think that the theme of any blog is part of the blogger’s posts. It gives the reader an idea about his/her personality. From this POV, I think that the theme should have an appearance that interests you, encourages you to write more & inspire you of the final shape in which you would like your posts to appear. The nicer the theme is in your own eyes; the better your posts shall be in the eyes of the readers.


  2. not sure if I posted it correctly… anyway. I am loving your blog and find it fresh and crisp and easy to read. But I see that you are better at the tech stuff than I am so it might be fun to check out other themes but just wanted you to know this one is easy to read and it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling when I found it.


  3. What’s wrong with this one? But I can understand that the eye seeks novelty all the time and can thus,easily be bored.

    I use the normal one.A bit like everybody else.
    Hmm,I also like those modern themes with a static wallpaper to the left and your posts on the right.
    But let’s face it.The best themes are generally those that aren’t free.
    This makes me remember that I must save my money and buy one,one day…


    • you are definitely right 🙂 haha I have to admit that the theme you use and the one I use have to be the best one’s right? I really like your blog to. I don’t know maybe I should just stay with this one. I have put a lot of effort into it.

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    • aww that was nice 🙂 I didn’t know that. Thanks and I am glad you are enjoying your blog. I actually think I might stay with this theme after all. It has this look to it, that i like. But not many options you know? not like the other themes anyways.


  4. I just recently changed my blog look too, I know its a pretty tough procedure. If its of any help the theme I’m using right now and find pretty flexible in changing to a look I liked is Adelle. Hope you find a look you love! Happy reading and blogging 🙂


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