The Beauty: A piece of writing describing someone from my mind


Do not know the artist of this painting

She gracefully moves on with a glow about her

Tall, peaceful, beautiful

Her long black hair cascading down her back

Her smile serenity to all who see it and her green eyes light to the helpless

A gorgeous melody that leaves her lips calming Β the adventurers

The Beauty

All that she touches she heals

The forest her dear home, her happiness

Her face full of light and glow from the green healthy life

That surrounds her

Out stretching her arm to any creature in need

She guides them to their destination, to their last journey when its their time

To their hope and paradise

The Beauty

She walks in peace and in grace

A bright sunshine to the dark world

The queen that one cannot seem to describe

That feels and loves

The Beauty

But life passes by and goes

She sees through her eyes of wisdom that the world is changing

And so is she

She slowly perishes away into a superior unknown world

Yet she turns one last time at what once used to be her forest

Her world and home that she has lost to evil

Remembering the beauty and innocent life

That used to be and hoping that in someway it gets saved


* Just a short piece of writing. Hope you all enjoy it πŸ™‚

Post/Poem/Story Β© The Reading Girl Β All Rights Reserved



13 thoughts on “The Beauty: A piece of writing describing someone from my mind

  1. Oh, Yazmin, this is absolutely priceless. “Remembering the beauty and the innocent life…” my breath is gone. Tears are in my eyes. So much I can relate to in you words. Love, and (((HUGS))) Amy


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