Spring Break for this Reading Girl


I live in America and as some of you may know we have spring break over here for a whole week. It depends where you study or where you work.  I really don’t know the point of this break but I do know that I am thankful for it 😀 Anyways I have spring break for a whole week and guess what that means? I will be doing things and will barely have any time to be in the blogging world. So I will leave only for a week and will not post, respond to any comments, or like any posts from the bloggers I follow. I just wanted to let you guys know, because I think some of you might have gotten worried not hearing anything from me for a whole week right? I don’t know maybe some of you would have actually worried 😛

But I do want to say that I will have future posts planned to publish soon:

  1. Book reviews. I know I haven’t really posted any but with my busy life I have barely gotten any time to read or review at all any of the ARC ‘s(Advanced Readers Copy) that I have received. Getting arc’s was something I wanted so that’s crossed of my list that I had posted a while back. I am very happy to write and share my reviews and new books with you guys. 
  2. Awards. Okay….some of you have really exaggerated with the awards..haha (you know who you are). I didn’t expect to get so many this year and from some people I didn’t even know liked my blog. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love receiving them but I haven’t had any time to properly post about them. Which I want to do because there are some of you that I would really like to award :). So expect a post about this soon. That’s another thing crossed from my list.
  3. Photos. I have taken so many pictures that I think are great and I want to share them with you all  how I take them and all of that photography information 🙂
  4. Movie Reviews. Okay so this is going to be something new for me :D. I LOVE movies. Everything about films, so I thought I might review films and I know that a lot of you review movies. I would like your help on that. It must be as easy as reviewing a book right?
  5. Poems and my writings. Yes, i want to post more of my poems and writings and articles 🙂
  6. Quotes. More inspirational quotes.

That’s basically it! I’m sure more will come along the way. I will see you guys in a week 🙂 Happy Spring and happy reading. Happy everything 😀

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