5 Reasons to Not Wear Mini-Shorts (Read on, its interesting)


Imagine yourself in a hot climate like Miami’s or any other tropical place…imagine how you want to be cool(as in you want to feel fresh air against your legs,especially women) and that is why you choose attire that could show your skin like the picture above. I mean don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with using shorts at all. They are comfortable, cool, match basically with any shirt or shoes and there are millions of styles.


But, like every piece of cloth we use, they have to be our size and not be extremely short. I want to share with you guys 5 reasons to not use mini-shorts even if they are in style.

Quick note: This post is based on my observations of all the young ladies I see out there. And based on my experience too. I have never been comfortable wearing shorts that show a bit of butt or look like underwear, I find them way to uncomfortable and I feel like a skank  when I wear them. I finally decided to just wear skinny jeans, short but not mini-short skirts, and just shorts that are a little bit above my knee. Read on if you are interested.

#1 They are uncomfortable

Without doubt, wearing something way to small is going to be uncomfortable. If we are aware that shorts are between the butt and legs and we don’t want anything showing, we can have a pretty bad time always fixing them. Why would we wear something that makes us feel uncomfortable?

Example: I was at the fair once and this girl wore these mini shorts that kept getting stuck between her butt cheeks and you can imagine how that looked. The poor girl kept pulling her shorts down and walking like a penguin.

#2 Show way too much skin

The whole idea is to leave something to the imagination. Sure you can look sexy but you don’t need to show your ass. The whole point is to show your beautiful legs but not show something that can be saved for later or is something private.

#3 If they shrink what happens?

I don’t care if this sounds ridiculous but if you have mini-shorts when they get washed they shrink. Yes, this does happen and I have gone through it. When you want to wear your shorts they look more like underwear than shorts and that’s not good.

#4 Hard to Match

In my opinion shorts, especially mini-shorts, are hard to match. If you want to go to a formal party you are obviously going to wear a pretty blouse but logically it won’t look good. And if you want to wear something not formal we might look like something else:


I don’t think high heels with shorts look good.

#5 They are not elegant

Imagine this or just look at this image again:


Does that look cute to you? Elegant at all? Obviously not. There is nothing wrong with showing your legs or looking a bit sexy, but wearing something extremely short can make us look like something we don’t like, and loose the elegance you want. Elegance and sexiness are two things that are hard to have at the same time.

What do you think?

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31 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Not Wear Mini-Shorts (Read on, its interesting)

  1. It’s good to explain your liking in great details like this. If you like high heels while showing your legs at the same time, you can try a mini-skirt and a rectangular cotton underwear pant just to feel comfortable. Another possibility is to try leggings that are not so transparent, depending on your comfort level. Skirts that move with wind and every movement of yours are simply irresistible. However, comfort translates to the kind of female confidence that’s highly attractive. So, it’s always comfort first. High heels are always good, because they make your legs look so much longer, slimmer and even surreal. The problem is that they do damage to your feet. It may not be worth it. However, if you are sitting most of the time, it’s definitely a must!

    Just my two cents… Every person is different in how he or she perceives beauty.


      • Well, I don’t think the impulse and the desire to show skin have to do with moral values, but they do increase crime rate. If you live in a very safe area, then it’s totally okay, especially during the day when everyone can see you and those around you.


  2. I have a few short shorts, and if they rise (butt crack hehehehehe) they are in the garbage. If I find myself pulling them down for any reason, in the garbage. I like loose but nicely fitting shorts, ones that I don’t have to undo the buttons or zippers when I eat. Hehehehehehe I like comfy but sexy. xx


  3. You are right that some hotpants are way too short. I love shorts and skirts, but I also take care that they won’t be too short. When I notice that some skirts or hotpants become too uncomfortable, i prefer to wear them at the beach 🙂


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