One Night at the Jacaranda by Carol Cooper: Book Review!

19262387  Title: One Night at the Jacaranda

  Author: Carol Cooper

 Rating: 4 stars

 Pages: 272

 Date Published: February 20th 2012

 Goodreads Summary:  One man dying of cancer. One struggling journalist. A group of single Londoners. One night that changes everything. 

For one booze and hope-fuelled night, the lives of a motley group of 30-somethings criss-cross. As the discover, finding someone special is also about finding yourself, and that’s not always where you expect.

Quick Note: This is a review copy kindly given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. I read this way back in February and today I finally got the chance to review this great book. Enjoy!

 One Night at the Jacaranda  is basically the story of  a group of 30 something year old that are each going through something.  They all have, basically, one thing in common. Finding just that bit of happiness.

I thought this picture fit well, for some reason

One Night they all decide to start speed dating at the Jacaranda Bar in London, for different reasons. Each one of them are looking for different things. Love, sex, fun, friendship, solace and more. The characters have 3 minutes to look at the opposite sex and ask questions to each other. One day after the speed dating they have tick their crosses online which persons they’d like to see again. As the story unfolds, you find out more and more about every character but some things are not what they seem like. It turns out not everyone was saying the truth.


 I really liked this book. It’s a quick read that is enjoyable and you can have a light laugh. But, there were some parts where I was a bit bored simply because it was just thoughts instead of action. But then it would pick up again and it would become this fun world. I really found it fun to read each characters personal life and how they would show themselves in the outside world and around other people. I also enjoyed how some of the characters were connected and how we find out that they know each other.

 The writing was great and very detailed. You can imagine everything that is written and visualize it. You could actually feel what the characters were feeling and that’s something good in a book because that means the author was able to make the reader and characters connect as if the reader were the character.


  The tone of the book is different as in, every character has a different attitude based on their lives. The book has some pretty funny moments and some depressing moments. But I mean who doesn’t have any of these moments in life? That’s what I liked about this book. You could relate to it in so many ways.

 For some reason this book reminded me of the TV show Friends. For me that’s a good thing because I love that show:

 I also praise the author because she was able to write a book that not only had one or two characters but many more than that. It’s not easy to write a lot of point of views, but Ms. Cooper made it look easy and as I read I was not confused at all!

 Overall its a great book intended for adult readers that I can guarantee would enjoy this very much.

4 stars

You can find Carol Cooper on her blog

Pills and Pillow – Talk 

About Carol Cooper:

I’m a doctor, teacher, writer, broadcaster and mother.   Dr Carol Cooper

I graduated from Cambridge where I studied medicine and my fellow students.   But it wasn’t a straight path from there to family practice.  I spent years in hospital medicine.  I’ve also worked at checkouts, typed manuscripts in Russian, walked dogs, and proof-read manuals on building dual-diesel engines.

One Night at The Jacaranda is my novel. It’s about a group of 30-somethings looking for love, and it’s laced with inside medical knowledge (there’s more on the My books page). From time to time, I let the characters out and allow them to wander around this blog to see what other trouble they get into.

At five, I wrote stories were about witches smoking in bed.  These days I’m The Sun newspaper’s doctor, so I get to have my say on important health issues, from radiation spills to models hurting themselves as they stumble out of night-clubs.

Most of my books are on child health and parenting.   My three sons filled in the gaps in my otherwise superb training, and made sure my books had some proper practical value.

I also see patients in the clinic, teach medical students at Imperial College Medical School, and pop up on TV and radio giving medical opinions on topical health issues.

Even better, I got married again last summer.  I love a happy ending.

And now I’m a blogger.  I have learned to love it, thanks to the amazing blogging community with people like Debbie Young (see Young by Name) and Amira Makansi (who interviewed me on the Z-Axis).

Book Review © The Reading Girl


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