Dance and Singing (My thoughts)

I don’t exactly dance or sing at a studio like most people have done. I danced ballet for 3 years and stopped because for economic reasons and I never sang at a singing school also for economic reasons. But, I can dance because I kept practicing on my own and I can sing because I also kept practicing on my own. My family is full of singers and dancers and because of me practicing my singing and dancing I have been asked to dance and sing at events here in Miami and Puerto Rico.  Even though singing and dancing are not my passion, it is something I like doing. Especially singing. And I LOVE doing this especially when it’s for God. Especially when I’m asked to dance and sing at church events. I feel free, wonderful, amazing, and most of all happy. I love creating choreography and then dancing it for God. Words can’t describe what I feel and what I make people feel, through God, when I sing and dance. What I am trying to say is that the way I see dancing and singing is in a positive way, to express your feelings and thoughts, so in a way you bless people in ways you could never imagine.


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12 thoughts on “Dance and Singing (My thoughts)

  1. Beautiful Yazmin. Did you know that I used to work with a YWAM performing arts ministry. I’ve danced, acted, and sang tons. The singing was not with this ministry, but the dance was. The singing was when I was younger, plus I used to lead worship at my church when I still lived in Canada.
    I’d love to see you dance and sing one day.


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