Another Path

She was running as fast as her legs could take her. The branches were ripping at her skin and she could feel the pain in her stomach. The warm blood gushing out in her hands and she felt like a million nails were stabbing her. As she ran, she felt her whole life glide right past her. She saw all she had done soar by and look like a dream. All she could do was cry and scream, she felt defeated and she felt worse than she had ever felt. All she could do was run to that tent where she knew she would find that hope. Where she knew she would at least see the happiness she could not remember. She just had to run and get there. After all she had decided to be in this war even if it meant loosing everything she loved. And when she thought she had lost everything it felt worse than a punch in the stomach. It felt like her world had ended and she was somehow alive but not there. And that’s when she ran and ran. She was hurt, her dress shredded to pieces, and she was almost nude, but she ran because it was all she could do.

“There!” she faintly heard a voice.

“Look. She looks dead.”

Her steps were weak, her vision was blurry, and her  whole body was in pain. But, she could still hear voices,male voices, she could smell the fresh air, and she could miraculously see the rows of tents ahead of her. She kept on walking to her hope, where she wished she could see the joy she could not remember or feel.

She heard footsteps approaching.

“Go get her. She needs to be cured.” said a familiar voice.

She staggered into his arms and felt the pain once again. She felt no longer alive until she stared at, the man who held her, green eyes. She could not recall who he was but he remembered her clearly. His eyes filled with tears as he saw her pale face. She could not understand why he was crying.

“I don’t want to die.”she whispered . It was all she could manage to say to this strange yet familiar man. She was closing her eyes slowly and he stood up and carried her.

“I won’t let you.” he said determined


Well, I am going through something now and this just came out of nowhere. It has a lot of different meaning for me. I didn’t edit this or anything, I just wanted to share it with you all :). Have a great night or day!

Writing © The Reading Girl


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