My Heart Flutters

I was in that summer camp that day

And my heart fluttered

Hi hair was brown and soft

His eyes were blue

His voice was what I liked best

Strong and deep

His smile was crooked but I loved it best that way

He was tall and amazing. The best guy I have ever met

All the girls thought he was wonderful, including me

But in the end he chose me… and I am glad he did

Poem © The Reading Girl

In response to the daily post: He’s (She’s) So Fine


10 thoughts on “My Heart Flutters

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    • Hi friend. I searched your blog through Google and when I clicked your link it says that your blog has been archived or suspended due to a violation from wordpress terms of service. I think you clicked or did something that they considered as a violation. You should contact them as soon as possible.
      I’m sorry about this :/ God Bless you


      • Hello my dear. i send three messages to them but no one help me,i feel very bad ,i am sad and humiliated, this is first time in my life when i am treated in this manner , God Bless . maybe this is our last conversation , remember me ,EM


      • that is horrible. Please do not give up…please!! I beg you. It is a horrible thing what happened but you must go on. Do another blog even though it might be hard. Start over. I can’t imagine why they would suspend your blog. Did they answer your emails?

        If you want to keep in touch just contact me through my contact page in my blog above.

        I will remember you 🙂



      • Hello, someone for sure has violated my privacy and human rights I do not have access to my photos, and i send 7 emails and no one from the crew aswer me, do you think this is weird? i can’t even post on forum i am Blocked everywhere,this messages is only active !
        I think I’m too good and the competition wants to destroy me,i am on many sites around the world ans sometimes they delete my works or block with no reason , They afraid of my art that’s for sure but Why ? I have the same rights like every person ,Bless You,eM


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