Finding your inspiration (My thoughts on writing)

Favim Writing

I was first told that I was a good writer in the fourth grade. Yep. Of course I ignored that thought because at that time I wanted to be a singer or dancer. Well actually a lawyer too and I thought writing was boring (yeah, I was stupid). I wanted to be a lawyer because I loved history class and any class that had to do with laws. Then I started loving Language Arts and then English. Of course I still loved Social Studies, History, Geography, Civics and so on. Anyways time passed by in school and we started taking these big writing exams and I would receive the highest scores. They would give each of us,students, different writing prompts and we had to write a 5 paragraph essay based on the prompt in 45 minutes. Somehow the ideas and words would flow in and what I thought would receive bad comments and a bad grade would receive the best grade and best comments. And well you can guess what happened after that. I decided to write all the time…essays, short stories, poems, and random things.

I don’t know if I want to be an author yet and I’m not saying I’m the best writer ever but I know I can write. And where do I get my inspiration from?

Well that’s not a really hard question for me to answer.

I get my inspiration from everywhere.

I listen to a song and I imagine this whole scene and I start writing. I see nature and I start writing. I dream something and I write that too. I go through something whether its bad or good and I just have to write it. Nothing stops me. My inspiration comes and even if I am in the middle of my math class I take out a paper and I start writing. Yes, I do get caught but you know what my teachers tell me? Keep going! My family too and now my blogger friends. I get inspired and I just have to write it down quickly. At first I was scared. We all get scared when we are starting something new right? But I let that fear go and I listened to my teachers and family members and I wrote :). And now I am finally starting to share it with the blogging world.

Writing is amazing. I feel free and wonderful when I write something out and like one of my teachers told me:

“If you get inspired, you have to write it down. Just write and write. Never stop writing, Yazmin. Keep going no matter what.” 


 The whole point of this post is to show that I LOVE writing. I get inspired and I write. If you want to write you just have to start. Don’t think about it at all. Just write and keep on going.

 I don’t think I have to write anything else 😀

If you have anything to say remember to comment down below!

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17 thoughts on “Finding your inspiration (My thoughts on writing)

  1. Wow! It’s crazy how similar our experiences with writing have been! I’ve always thought of myself as a natural born writer because I just can’t seem to have enough to say! I feel things so deeply, and always feel the need to write it down. Judging by your love for it as well, It’s a fact that you are a great writer! Glad I discovered you:) cant wait to read more


  2. I love to read what you write, Yazmin. You are a natural and you come from the heart. Two very important things to me. Forgive me for not being here more often. Petals exploded. Now I think I am getting a better hang of things. Great post!!! Keep them coming! Love, Amy


    • Same :). I have two notebooks. A little red leather one for poems and a big black one for my short stories. I also have a folder full of papers that I wrote my ideas in ;). I have a LOT of notebooks. And when I say a LOT, it is a LOT. lol



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