My world How I wish I had a typewriter….I’m a bit old fashioned aren’t I? Well, it doesn’t matter. I think I was born on the wrong era where I think  I do not fit in at all. But let’s get to the topic.


As all my followers and blogger friends know my blog is mainly about books. And book reviews and book discussions. But recently I have decided to post poems, short stories, paintings, photographs, and random posts. I can tell many readers are enjoying them.

But I have something to say:

If you do not like what I post why bother following me? If books bore you why follow me? If you do not like happy things why follow me?

But do you think I really care? To be honest when I started my blog I did care…but now…I’m happy with how everything is turning out and little things like that do not bother me at all. I’m not a negative person but I felt that I had to post this. My blog is like my world showing how I really am. A a happy, Christian, book worm and you can read the rest on my about page.

This will not be a long post but rather just a message to you everyone who likes or dislikes my blog.

My blog is my world where I post my own original ideas and I try to be a positive influence. So thank you to all of you who have supported me in some way and you know who you are. And thank you all who have in some way made me feel down because later I learn and I let go and it makes me a stronger person.

I can’t wait to post more and to keep meeting new bloggers.

Love, Yazmin AKA The Reading Girl

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26 thoughts on “My world

  1. I like your blog. Your innocence. Your girliness, Your wonder. Your passion. Keep doing your thing Yazmin and the people that appreciate all of your lovely attributes will reward you with their presence and their praises. You’re a gift.


  2. Do not let other people put you off blogging! I have no time for these bullies. Re typewriters, I am old enough to have started as a journalist pre-computer. My memory is that they are really hard work on the wrists! 🙂 SD


  3. I don’t think bloggers,whom you feel let you down,did it on purpose,but I might be wrong.Anyway,good luck with your writing.At the end of the day,we should blog about what makes us happy.

    As for people who follow you for no reason,well,I believe we all have them.They are often not in the least interested in the subject of your blog,but in following you,think you’ll check out their blogs and follow them! I can say that a good number of my followers don’t even care about books,but it doesn’t really matter! 😉


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