Writing Process (Nomination)

I was nominated to take part in a Writing Process Blog Tour by the lovely and sweet Stacily, who writes amazing posts, from a God Colored Girl In A Grey World. She is a very passionate writer of poems who writes based on her experience and from the heart.  On her blog you will find poetry and post based on her experiences about culture and spirituality. Please check out her blog. It is amazing and full of beautiful writing pieces that you will enjoy. I promise that you will not be disappointed :). Thanks Stacily, for nominating me. I am truly honored.


Writing Meme.jpg

This blog meme requires me to answer four questions about my writing process, and then nominate three other writers to do the same.

What am I working on at the moment?

I’m working on various poems, short stories, and probably going to start writing a book. I have some ideas about my novel. It’s probably going to be fantasy or young adult. I am also currently writing posts about some of my experiences that some of you would probably learn from. I just have to finish writing them from my notebook and publish it here 🙂 .

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I guess my work differ from others because its unique in its own way. My poems and short stories come from the heart and are based on some of my experiences about life. I didn’t write that much before but now I decided to scribble words into my two special notebooks and I love it. Stories come everyday and they aren’t really a big deal but I like how simple and detailed I make them. I just have to find courage in posting some of them here.

Why do I write what I do?

I ask myself that question all the time and my answer is: I write because I want to touch someone or impress someone in a good way. I want to let the world know what I feel and what the readers to feel through my writing. I want to impact someone in a way and I write because I know how some people feel and I want to let them know that I’m there.

How does my writing process work?

I don’t really have a plan. The inspiration just comes from whatever I see or listen. I listen to a song and I imagine this whole scene and I just write it down. Nature and love inspire me to write. I don’t even think about it, I just write and write. I’m still learning to write correctly but as time passes by I am perfecting my writing and I love it.

Writing is amazing and no one, not even myself, should stop doing it.


The Wandering Poet:  Andy writes great stories inspired by the daily prompts or sometimes just inspired from his own experiences. He also posts beautiful photographs that he takes himself. His blog is very interesting and fun to read :). I never get tired.

He says:

 “I am a single father to a beautiful daughter who has become my inspiration to change the way i see the world around me, as such. I would like to share with you all that i see and all that i feel, i hope you will enjoy your stay and feel free to comment anything you’d like.”

The Punchy Lands:  Mr. Professor VJ Duke has created this world known as The Punchy Lands. Its full of strange and funny characters that make you laugh and enjoy his stories. His blog is full of stories and tales of the Punchy family. You will never get bored with the Mr. Professor 😀

He says:

“This professor would tell you a lot about himself, but inexplicably, I would end up telling you only uninteresting and dull particulars which would leave you crying in supreme boredom. In fact, you’d probably be left wondering why you had wanted to hear anything in the first place. So, I’ll just give you some dull facts…”

(Read more here.)

The Mirror: Michael M. McConaughey (to protect his identity) has a great blog. I recently followed it and I thought he was worth doing this. His story is quiet amazing and sad. he has decided to write a book based on his experience.  His blog is based on his reflections from what he has seen and lived through. Great blog you won’t want to miss out.

He says:

“I am a 3rd generation navigator who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I have neither seen nor heard from the daughter I love in over five years. Had it not been for over $150,000 and four years of unrelenting effort, the same would have happened to my two sons.

My children and I were and remain victims of a vicious form of child abuse known as parental alienation. It is when one parent cult programs a child to reject the other parent, Some experts consider it at least as harmful to kids as is sexual abuse, and other even more so…”

(read more here.)

He also wanted me to add these details:

– I am about to retire from the Royal Canadian Air Force after nearly 31 years of service.
– I am an active blogger who very much enjoys this writing-based form of social media.
– Despite some non-trivial adversity in my personal life, my sense of humour remains intact. My writing tends to have an element of humour that creeps in, now and again.

Well there you have it. Thanks for reading this and checking out these blogs :D. And thank you Stacily from God Colored Girl In A Grey World. I feel honored. So go ahead and check out Stacily’s blog and the other three blog’s from three great guys.

Post © The Reading Girl


14 thoughts on “Writing Process (Nomination)

  1. Lovely post, Yasmin. I’ve just taken part in the same Writing Process Blog Tour and it was great fun. It’a always good to read other writers’ take on the process.


  2. A splendid concept for a post, and worthy set of responses to the questions posed. Well done, Yasmin, and thank you for thinking of me in this and your kind words about my blog.

    I look forward to carrying on this tradition and meeting the high standard which you’ve established. I also look forward to meeting and getting to know my fellow nominees a little better.


  3. Heyyyy Yazmin. Great post. I think you’re going places girl. Woo Hoo! Thank you for such kind words about me and my blog too. You are so sweet.
    You know, you should just go ahead and post anyways. Don’t let fear stand in your way. You will find that as you do post them and get feed back, you will grow more and be so encouraged. And the creative juices will also flow more too. Not as if you need them to flow more or anything like that. I just read that you come up with stories everyday. WOW! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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