Where my Ideas are First Written


I thought it would be a good idea to post about where I originally write my short stories and poems. Some of you have told me or have asked me where do I write or if I own any notebooks.

If you look at the right,you see two notebooks. The first one that says “Record” is my black special notebook that my grandpa gave me. I remember I told him I wanted to start writingΒ and the next week he gave me that notebook. It is old and the pages are lined and yellow. But that’s what I love about, it has that old look and it seems magical to me :D. In that special notebook I write my short stories. My first story was a retelling of the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty. I thought I was being original by rewriting it..hehe. Then I tried to write a story about me and my school..that didn’t work out. And then I started writing better one’s. I have posted two stories here already, but I will post more soon. This notebook of mine, I take everywhere and just start writing stories if I get inspired. The pages are full of ideas and edits and little notations. I LOVE having it.

The second red little notebook is made out of fake red leather. I got it at office depot and it was quiet expensive but, it was worth buying. It has a little red bookmark, lined white pages, and a little envelope in the back to put papers in. I originally bought it because I liked the detail in the cover and the color. I also bought it because I thought it looked old-fashioned and I like that vintage look. And I bought it because I wanted to do a scientific research of Anastasia and I wanted to prove she wasn’t dead (my brain is always creative). In the end I started to write poetry and I needed to find something to write them in….well I remembered I had this little red little notebook and I started writing all the poetry you see on this blog and more.I love this little red notebook and I also carry it with me everywhere :D.


There they are….my two special writing notebooks that will always be filled with my writing and ideas.

Do you have any notebooks where you write something in? Or maybe a folder?

Comment down below πŸ˜€ and thanks for reading. Enjoy this!

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39 thoughts on “Where my Ideas are First Written

  1. Nice post…
    I write in a spiral bound diary gifted by my friend two years back… Its cover page has a collage of my photographs… πŸ™‚ …


  2. What a wonderful post – I really enjoyed you sharing it and how wonderful to write notes in your granddad’s book πŸ™‚

    I have a slim, feminine note book I keep in my handbag to jot notes!


  3. Really nice post, and an excellent choice in notebooks you have. I can understand your interest in all things vintage πŸ™‚

    Never really kept a notebook myself, apart from paper pads I bought at the local ‘pound shop’ for schoolwork and that. However I have an old card folio folder (“foolscap”- I think that’s the official name) where I keep my journalism portfolio and cuttings from when I did work experience for a local newspaper.

    I hope many more story ideas make their home in your notebooks and flourish from them.



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  5. I can’t believe I skipped past this one. I think I started reading this post on my tablet while in bed. I thought I had liked it though.
    I love the idea of your red poetry book. How it has the vintage look, bookmark included and even an envelope for papers. Sounds exactly like what I need. Think I’m going to be on the lookout for something like that when I go to Canada next month. I love cute and different notebooks and other nice looking little things. Must be a girl thing.


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