Maya Angelou

To be honest, I have heard of Maya Angelou  but I wasn’t really a big fan of hers. And now that she peacefully died I will start reading her work. It is sad to me because now that she is dead, it is when I decide to read more about her. She did a lot of amazing things in her life and I regret never knowing a lot about her.

Today, on May 28th, 2014, Maya who was an author, poet, civil rights activist, and etc. peacefully died.  She will be remembered.

Here are some great quotes by her:

Post © The Reading Girl

Rest in Peace Maya 

Here are some articles by Buzzfeed about Maya:

11 works by Maya Angelou you must read

12 must-see video clips of Maya Angelou

21 life-changing tweets from Maya Angelou



9 thoughts on “Maya Angelou

  1. I loved Maya♡
    My favorite quote of hers was the one about not being anyone’s option. I loved it! So glad you included it here. Thank you for this post. Good job. I loved it ! Someday I hope you will review my book 😉 I’d be honored.


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