The Feeling

It was crowded. It was hot. Their hands softly touched each other in what resulted in a stare.

A stare that mixed blue and green together. Souls becoming one and rising. It was a feeling both could not understand yet they wanted to explore.

As the crowd parted, they each glided toward one another, beginning an adventure that would never end.

I had meant to post this but I was busy. Enjoy!! πŸ™‚

Short StoryΒ Β© The Reading Girl



19 thoughts on “The Feeling

  1. Hello! I managed through an internet connection to get a link to this site as a place where the painting in “The Feeling” from your June 2nd blog was. I am trying to find out if there is information on this watercolor painting and if I can acquire a copy of the print if possible for my sister who is fighting cancer. Do you know if it is available to purchase or who the artist is??? Thanks for any help you can lend!! (P.S. Love this site ~ glad it and I crossed paths!!)


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