White Roses

She was a beauty. She had a heart that was full of love and kindness.

Red cloaks would embrace her and many would try to conquer her.

But she lived with her white roses that gave her peace and hope.

More than any man could.

I don’t know how you might see this little short story or piece of writing, but if you do see a message behind it write down below.

Short Story  © The Reading Girl


15 thoughts on “White Roses

  1. Loved this! Your style is captivating!
    Hey Reading Girl, I was kind of finished sharing and just planned on finishing my book and then hopefully finding a great editor and hopefully publisher (Ahhh I know but what is a dream if you don’t believe?) Anywaaay, I would love your opinion… I am sharing here because of your sweet one sentence comment the other day… asking if Keri’s Journals were over. I wanted to give you a bit more and am taking my book and turning the corner so to speak and would love your in-put especially!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thats great 🙂 I know it will be a big success. I really like the way you write 😀
      I gave some ideas in your post.

      Are you asking me to read your book and edit it or give you feedback? 😉 hehe

      Thanks for commenting and keep writing 🙂


      • 🙂 hehe It will happen.
        I try to make my reviews as honest and fun as possible.

        I have so many books to review but I have been very bussyy :/ you know?

        But when your book gets published I will review it and I’ll probably love it.


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