Hello! Its been a year since I published. Its also been a long time since I’ve actually looked over my blog. Many drastic events have taken over my life and haven’t allowed me to do any of the things I used to do when I started this blog. After a year that I published, my life has been a bit better and I feel ready to post more. I went over my blog today and changed many things. I plan to keep fixing this blog and its focus. I love books and writing, but I have many other passions. I want to keep writing and sharing many of the things that I love, in this virtual world.

I do not live in the United States anymore and haven’t read many books recently. I have gotten closer to God and become more mature in other areas of my life. My blog will change and so will my posts. Slowly I will also change the decoration and many other widgets.

For those who have kept on following me, thank you! I hope to keep on posting more and exploring many other blogs. I have many ideas.


The Heir(The Selection #4) Book Review

The Heir by Kiera Cass

Title: The Heir

Author: Kiera Cass

General Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Pages: 342

Date Published: May 5th, 2015

Publisher:  Harper Teen

Summary: Princess Eadlyn has grown up hearing endless stories about how her mother and father met. Twenty years ago, America Singer entered the Selection and won the heart of Prince Maxon—and they lived happily ever after. Eadlyn has always found their fairy-tale story romantic, but she has no interest in trying to repeat it. If it were up to her, she’d put off marriage for as long as possible.

But a princess’s life is never entirely her own, and Eadlyn can’t escape her very own Selection—no matter how fervently she protests.

Eadlyn doesn’t expect her story to end in romance. But as the competition begins, one entry may just capture Eadlyn’s heart, showing her all the possibilities that lie in front of her . . . and proving that finding her own happily ever after isn’t as impossible as she’s always thought.



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Kind Words

Hello fellow readers. I have realized that I haven’t followed my own rules of the days I am going to post. But, oh well.

About a few months ago I decided that in order for my life to change I needed to be positive. And I also decided I wanted to pass that positivism on.

Every morning, after I pray, I read a page from this book:

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The Reading Girl: Update


Once again another update…but besides being a blogger I am other things in life.

I haven’t blogged for more than a year and it hurts. Many personal things have happened that haven’t allowed me to sit down and peacefully blog. But I can say that today on March 22nd, 2016 I have everything in order and will start blogging again.

I am going to have to get used to it and get used to reading posts again. I have missed so many wonderful posts it makes me sad. But now I feel so happy that I am back, I will start posting more.

I have barely read any books but a few days ago I started reading a YA book from a series called The Selection. The book is titled The Heir. So far I have negative thoughts on this book so expect a review soon.

Also I am putting a schedule of posts. I will be posting on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and on the weekend. I have so much work at school but I have found a way to fit my blogging into my schedule.

I decided to not post on Tuesday and Thursday because those are busy days for me at school and out of school.

I have many things to post about and ideas. I am still getting used to this but I hope you guys can understand. And I am also getting used to this new WordPress. Kind of confusing jeje.

But I hope I can post more often and I am really excited!

Also I created an Instagram! If you are interested in seeing pictures of books and etc. go ahead and follow @thereadinggirll

The Reading Girl


In Which You Realize That A Movie Series Has Ended

It’s over!! The Hunger Games movies are over…honestly this is the fist time I like the movies more than the books. And I have to say that watching as that last scene ended my heart broke.

No more waiting for release dates or waiting for the official trailer to come out. It’s all heart breaking.

But I can obviously buy all the movies and watch them over and over again. So even though I felt sad I also felt happy.

On a side note: I am back and I promise that I will keep on posting more.

A Must Read Book

Hey readers! It has been so long since I have posted…but I promise that from today on I will post more.

Most of you know I am a book nerd. I know so much about books and authors. I am not bragging but it is the truth.

These past few months I haven’t been able to read anything at all but only a few good books.

Down below you will see a book I highly recommend.

Wonder by R.J. Palacio


You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out.

My name is August. I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.

August Pullman wants to be an ordinary ten-year-old. He does ordinary things. He eats ice cream. He plays on his Xbox. He feels ordinary – inside.

But Auggie is far from ordinary. Ordinary kids don’t make other ordinary kids run away screaming in playgrounds. Ordinary kids don’t get stared at wherever they go.

Born with a terrible facial abnormality, Auggie has been home-schooled by his parents his whole life, in an attempt to protect him from the cruelty of the outside world. Now, for the first time, he’s being sent to a real school – and he’s dreading it. All he wants is to be accepted – but can he convince his new classmates that he’s just like them, underneath it all?

Narrated by Auggie and the people around him whose lives he touches forever, Wonder is a funny, frank, astonishingly moving debut to read in one sitting, pass on to others, and remember long after the final page.

This book is just BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful, refreshing, amazing, awesome, and did I mention beautiful?

It has won many awards, it is highly rated, and its a book that makes you think about life. How many books make you think about life? Think about that.

I am not going to spoil anything at all but I am going to mention a few points to why this is a must-read book:

The cover: Just by looking at it you should want to read it. Its interesting and it makes you want to read it. When I first saw this book I had never heard of it but the cover convinced me and I do not regret reading this book.

The title: I don’t really need to say much about this point but…you will WONDER many things as you read this book.

The writing style: Its simple but beautiful. This book is meant to be for middle grade children but…if I enjoyed it and actually felt emotions while I read the book then anybody can read this book. Its easy to understand and the details are just  awesome.

The plot and the characters: All I am going to say is that each character is amazing and special in their own way. And the plot is great.

The book: Wonder is just breathtaking and not a book you see everywhere. Its a masterpiece. Very inspiring and special. Words cant describe how amazing this book is. Words cant describe what I felt as I read the book. Words can’t describe how real this book is and how gorgeous it is. Wonder is a book that will always hold a special place in my heart.

In conclusion, this book should be read by everyone.

I hope that I have convinced you guys to read this book. If you have nothing else to do or nothing to read…you should try reading Wonder. I gurantee you that you will not regret it.

Press the title Wonder to read reviews about this book.

A View into my Adventures

These past few months I have traveled a bit. I am not going to write much about my trips and my adventures, but here are a few pictures that I took. I had a lot of fun and I still look forward to traveling more.











I hope you enjoyed them. I will post more about books, music, and etc. soon. I just need to get organized 🙂

-The Reading Girl

*Pictures taken by me

The Reading Girl is Back!

Hey fellow readers!

Yes. I am finally back into every social media. I took a two month break, which I’m glad I did.

So much has happened in these months of summer and now almost fall. I haven’t been able to read new books, read my emails, or even enter my blog.

All I can say is that I have been busy with summer camps, school, church activities, dates, and personal things. Hehe.

Today I decided to finally post. I hope you guys haven’t forgotten about this Reading Girl because I sure haven’t forgotten about you guys. I’m going to catch up soon on all your posts.

Expect posts soon!

In the mean time enjoy this picture:

libros cama ylo

Blog Update: Personal Update

 Hey fellow bloggers and followers! As you may have noticed I haven’t been here in my blog a lot. It’s summer and I have had the time of my life jeje :P.

I have tried to keep up with your posts but I have been too busy. Soon I’ll try to post my normal posts and pictures.

I am not going to write much today since I’ll be heading out in a few hours to help at a summer camp here in Puerto Rico. But I have had a great time and I hope that I can keep up with everything soon.

I love all of you and thank you for understanding.

Entering a New World-Daily Post

  You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices is working. How do you pass the time?

Isn’t it obvious??? Screw phones, computers, and everything!! I would be reading.That ecard on the left is so true about me.

I love writing and blogging(I wouldn’t be able to do that, anyway, nothing works. But who cares!) but if you gave me a whole bunch of books I would say:

Yes, if I had a book I would be mean, so watch out!!


Today’s daily post is awesome :D. What would I do if I was stuck in airport for six hours….

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The Kindness of Strangers

I have been blessed to have people who are kind to me. I have been blessed many ways. I guess the saying “do to others what you want done to you” is true. I have always been kind to people, even if I am not kind to myself. I have always been kind to people who are kind to me, judge me, love me, or do not even know me. It’s who I am and I will never change. Many things have happened in my life that are not that pleasant and many things have happened in my life that are indeed pleasant. I’m glad to be who I am. Many people have treated me nice while others have not. Sometimes those that are mean to me and their attitudes have hurt me. But, instead of hating, I forgive, let go, and forget the past. Sometimes I think I am the only kind person in the world, to be honest.

Imagine my surprise when some people, that I think are not nice to me or I don’t even know me, are extremely nice to me. I’m kind to people but I never do it to expect something back. So, I still get extremely surprised.


Here are some examples:

  • When I didn’t have food people,who didn’t even know that, would just call me and say “I have some food for you. I feel like you need it.”You do not know how much that has helped me.
  • I have low self-esteem. When random people just walk up to me and say “you are beautiful” it makes me feel happy. I am still working on getting my self-esteem high and being happy just the way God created me.
  • Some people who were never nice to me, suddenly are nice to me. They treat me great and tell me that because I was nice to them that changed them.
  • A lot of people ask me for advice. It makes me happy to know that my words touch people’s heart in some way.
  • Someone paying me my food or just treating me nice and smiling at me.

A smile can change everything. I know mine has. I know that I have changed people.

I think I will change the title. A lot of people have been nice to me. A lot, to be honest. But….I have been the stranger who has shown kindness. I’m not bragging here, but I am saying that it makes me happy to know that I have been that stranger who has shown kindness. And because of that I have been extremely blessed.

So this prompt is also one of my most favorites:

When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!



Maya Angelou

To be honest, I have heard of Maya Angelou  but I wasn’t really a big fan of hers. And now that she peacefully died I will start reading her work. It is sad to me because now that she is dead, it is when I decide to read more about her. She did a lot of amazing things in her life and I regret never knowing a lot about her.

Today, on May 28th, 2014, Maya who was an author, poet, civil rights activist, and etc. peacefully died.  She will be remembered.

Here are some great quotes by her:

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Wonders of Memories

That quote is true. We watch the world just passing by and everyone or everything changing. We watch how fast time passes by and we don’t really live the moment. Everything is changing. But behind all those change there are memories that never change. Sweet and alive memories that make you smile or giggle. Or bitter and sad memories that make you never want to live again.

Today’s daily prompt is one of my most favorite ever.

 Which good memories are better — the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?

I think our life is made up of memories and what we always seem to say is based on our memories. I think that both memories, that the prompt refers too, are good. The recent and vivid ones make us happy and live the moment. They make us be joyful, giggle, laugh, and just be in a trance of utter amazement. Like a first kiss, marriage, having your first child, reading an amazing book, writing your first book, graduation, prom, getting baptized and so on. Those recent and vivid memories are the one’s that simply make you forget about the bad things you are going through.

But what about the one’s that time has covered,not in a sweet haze, but in a bitter and horrible haze? The one’s that make you hurt so bad and cry? Those are the memories that  no one ever wants to think about. The memories that make you be depressed and never want to wake up again. The memories of a divorce, a death of a loved one, someone who you trusted or loved turning their back on you, or the memory of having some sort of accident. The memories of never being accepted or just going through something horrible.

Those are the one’s that no one ever wants to think about. Not, even me. But I came to the conclusion that memories are there for a reason. They never leave your mind or fade away because in some way they have changed our life. Our mind creates memories to think about them and forgive and let go. I have gone through some things that have stayed in my mind and have become memories that hurt my heart when I think about them. But if I decide, if we choose, to stay in the past and think about everything bad that has happened to us then, what happens? We become depressed and sad. These memories are the one’s we have to let go. We can’t live in the past anymore. We have to grasp those vivid memories that have been recent or happened long ago but feel alive and move on.

In some way, all memories are good because they help us grow up and think about what we have done. But, we are the one’s who decide whether we let go or stay in the past. Memories are good and bad but they are part of our life. They are beautiful yet sad. They are happy yet horrible. In the end all we will have left is our memories and those last forever in our hearts. It’s up to us to choose whether we let go and remember or live our whole life in memories.


Princess Leia

So I took a quiz that I found in Brin’s blog but it is originally here.  It’s a really fun quiz where it determines what kind of Princess you are. I found it fun and easy. I ended up being Princess Leia from Star Wars :D. That’s awesome. I dare you to take it!

If you do take it, let me know who you ended up being.


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Being Reborn Again

 In other words…I got baptized. Yes, I did!! And it feels wonderful. I’m Christian, not a religious person (there is a HUGE difference). I respect people and do not judge anybody. I follow God, pray, sing, dance, and read the Bible. I do not let church get in the way of my personal life. I also do things that are normal.

Anyways, I know that after accepting Christ as my savior I must also be baptized. Nobody forced me to do this. My parents or church members…I decided to do this. And it felt great. I was nervous but happy. This is a  great decision that I must take seriously. I will be reborn through Christ and my sins from the past will be erased.  Of course, sometimes I will fall but God will help me back up. I am determined to be a new person.

I never thought this day would come. After six weeks of classes it did come, and I will always remember May 18th, 2014. It was a great ceremony. Everybody congratulated me and I even received a certificate. I can’t describe the joy I feel and felt! My pastor was extremely happy and wonderful. I can’t wait for the things that will come :).


If you read my post about why May is awesome, then you will know that this event was included there. This whole weekend was awesome. My special prom, my dance event from school, and now my baptism. May has been the best so far :D.

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A Book The Reading Girl Surprisingly Likes

I’m currently reading the last book from the MATCHED series by Ally Condie. The covers are gorgeous and I like the original idea of these books.

The first book: I LOVED 4 out of 5 stars

The second book: I HATED 2 out of 5 stars :Boring as hell (took me 2 MONTHS!!! to read it) the ending was the only GREAT thing about it.

Third book: I surprisingly love it. Its great. I like all the characters and the writing. I just started reading it and I can’t put it down. So far its 3 stars out 5 for me…but I think it will go up.




I do recommend this series. It’s really cool. Even though the second book was boring, it needs to be read to understand everything.  Read the reviews, listen to ME…hehe… and you will like this whole series.

That’s all. I just wanted to state that I am surprisingly enjoying this last book of the MATCHED series. I thought it would be a big disappointment like the second book. But, I took the risk and I don’t regret it yet.

Can’t wait for the review 🙂

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Where my Ideas are First Written


I thought it would be a good idea to post about where I originally write my short stories and poems. Some of you have told me or have asked me where do I write or if I own any notebooks.

If you look at the right,you see two notebooks. The first one that says “Record” is my black special notebook that my grandpa gave me. I remember I told him I wanted to start writing and the next week he gave me that notebook. It is old and the pages are lined and yellow. But that’s what I love about, it has that old look and it seems magical to me :D. In that special notebook I write my short stories. My first story was a retelling of the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty. I thought I was being original by rewriting it..hehe. Then I tried to write a story about me and my school..that didn’t work out. And then I started writing better one’s. I have posted two stories here already, but I will post more soon. This notebook of mine, I take everywhere and just start writing stories if I get inspired. The pages are full of ideas and edits and little notations. I LOVE having it.

The second red little notebook is made out of fake red leather. I got it at office depot and it was quiet expensive but, it was worth buying. It has a little red bookmark, lined white pages, and a little envelope in the back to put papers in. I originally bought it because I liked the detail in the cover and the color. I also bought it because I thought it looked old-fashioned and I like that vintage look. And I bought it because I wanted to do a scientific research of Anastasia and I wanted to prove she wasn’t dead (my brain is always creative). In the end I started to write poetry and I needed to find something to write them in….well I remembered I had this little red little notebook and I started writing all the poetry you see on this blog and more.I love this little red notebook and I also carry it with me everywhere :D.


There they are….my two special writing notebooks that will always be filled with my writing and ideas.

Do you have any notebooks where you write something in? Or maybe a folder?

Comment down below 😀 and thanks for reading. Enjoy this!

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But Life Goes On

 Isn’t that picture true? I mean if you want to add other words you are welcome to do so but for me those are the perfect words to use now.

  Shit happens. But life goes on. 🙂

I have a few ideas of what to post today….but I can’t seem to find the way to start them. SO much is happening in my life right now my brain is just not working properly. And this world we live in is so crazy and just WEIRD. Not weird in a good way (if there is such a thing) but weird in a bad way. All these things that are happening…you can’t even have the right of freedom of speech or kids not even respecting each other anymore.

I warn you that since my brain is not working this post will just be a rambling of words. Either way, I still had to post something ….


Well I’m really tired of all the shit that is happening and I just want a break…I feel tired and mad. But you know what? I have decided to just forget everything that is happening…things like a prediction of World War Three or kids my age who don’t give three hoots about anything but what shoes to wear, how their hair looks, or what girl is the hottest and has the biggest boobs or ass. And you know what I’m just tired of this world. Isn’t it supposed to be a safe place? Like I said, this post will not make sense…but if you get what I wrote in some way then congrats.

Just remember, shit happens and Life goes on. And maybe, something great will come out of all this madness. And it will :). I know it will.

Remember, if you haven’t had a great time look at the bright side and put your hope in something. God is my hope 😀


Well this is my confusing post of the day….a song that always makes me smile (its in Spanish) “Late mi Corazon”. My Heart Beats, is a song by this new Spanish Christian band called Montreal (which I happen to know them personally). They are 4 Argentinean siblings (except the drummer)  They are starting to be known here in Miami and they are great. They didn’t ask me to promote them or anything. I wanted to, because their songs are so inspirational. Like this one :D. If you can’t understand the lyrics I’ll explain it to you:

the band is singing that their heart beats when they hear about God. They can’t stop singing about God or speaking about him because they love him very much and they feel God’s love. They want to shout how God is salvation and they can’t stop. Enjoy the video!

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(May) the best month for The Reading Girl

 I used to write about all the months when I started my blog, but then I stopped. Today, 7 days into the 5th month of 2014 I decided to go back to doing that but only with this month. This month is always special to me for a LOT of reasons.  So far 2014 is okay, probably not the best year but it will be once it gets to summer :D.


First reason why its the best month: I took my finals tests that we always take during this month and I did great. Three f*cking weeks of testing and doing practically nothing. But I’m glad that’s over. It means I passed my grade.

Second reason: Expolit. I’m not sure if some of you have heard about this but this is a Latin American Christian book fair. A LOT happens here. I know someone who works in Expolit and got to interview almost all the famous Spanish Christian singers, which also means I got to meet them and take pictures with them :). Plus, the person I know, knows some of them since these Christian famous singers started their career. I’ll post some pictures if you are interested. It was a great experience that I will never forget.

Third reason: I’m ashamed to say this but how could I forget Audrey Hepburn’s birthday??? She is my icon and I forgot that if she was alive, she would be 85 years old. Her birthday was on May 4th. I love Audrey but I forgot about that completely. At least Google had remembered:

Doesn’t Google always remember everything? And so did my family members and friends who know I LOVE Audrey. *Sighs* I’m a girl, almost and adult now that has a lot going on, so that might be a good excuse…not really.

Fourth Reason: Mother’s Day. I LOVE this day. It honors all the mother’s who have gone through a lot to raise their children and proudly fight for them. I can say that I’m thankful for my mother who has always been there for me.

Fifth reason: The month before school ends. I used to look forward to going to school. Don’t get me wrong, my classes are great and so are the teachers and friends. But I would rather spend time in my house and going out than getting 10 piles of homework and waking up early. And just the fact of going to school seeing people I will probably never see again. The month before summer starts: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Sixth Reason: Prom

Seventh Reason: I’m going to finally get baptized. Its something very special for me. It’s a decision I decided to make. I can’t wait for that day.

Eighth Reason: Someone’s special birthday…….

Ninth Reason: It’s simply the best month of the year because I said so…of course June, July, half of August, April, and December are awesome months too, but they are not my favorite months like MAY. I’m pretty sure you can tell why….


That’s all I can remember …I haven’t really been reading much since I have been so busy. I’ll try to come up with something interesting about books…


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Writing Process (Nomination)

I was nominated to take part in a Writing Process Blog Tour by the lovely and sweet Stacily, who writes amazing posts, from a God Colored Girl In A Grey World. She is a very passionate writer of poems who writes based on her experience and from the heart.  On her blog you will find poetry and post based on her experiences about culture and spirituality. Please check out her blog. It is amazing and full of beautiful writing pieces that you will enjoy. I promise that you will not be disappointed :). Thanks Stacily, for nominating me. I am truly honored.


Writing Meme.jpg

This blog meme requires me to answer four questions about my writing process, and then nominate three other writers to do the same.

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Carla Dauden and her reasons to not assist the world cup in Brazil

I usually do not post about topics like these, but this caught my attention very much. You should watch it. Its only 6 minutes and it has Spanish subtitles.



You can visit Carla on her website:


21 Signs You’re Suffering From A Book Hangover (I have had a few of those)

So I love this website called Buzfeed and someone found this article for me. I decided to share it with you guys but you can originally see it here. These are going to be some pretty awesome reasons 😀 and funny ones. I have gone through a book hangover so many times I can’t even count 😛 lol. Enjoy!!

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My world

floral-pattern-piano-typewriter-vintage-writing-machine-Favim.com-79331 How I wish I had a typewriter….I’m a bit old fashioned aren’t I? Well, it doesn’t matter. I think I was born on the wrong era where I think  I do not fit in at all. But let’s get to the topic.


As all my followers and blogger friends know my blog is mainly about books. And book reviews and book discussions. But recently I have decided to post poems, short stories, paintings, photographs, and random posts. I can tell many readers are enjoying them.

But I have something to say:

If you do not like what I post why bother following me? If books bore you why follow me? If you do not like happy things why follow me?

But do you think I really care? To be honest when I started my blog I did care…but now…I’m happy with how everything is turning out and little things like that do not bother me at all. I’m not a negative person but I felt that I had to post this. My blog is like my world showing how I really am. A a happy, Christian, book worm and you can read the rest on my about page.

This will not be a long post but rather just a message to you everyone who likes or dislikes my blog.

My blog is my world where I post my own original ideas and I try to be a positive influence. So thank you to all of you who have supported me in some way and you know who you are. And thank you all who have in some way made me feel down because later I learn and I let go and it makes me a stronger person.

I can’t wait to post more and to keep meeting new bloggers.

Love, Yazmin AKA The Reading Girl

Post © The Reading Girl


Finding your inspiration (My thoughts on writing)

Favim Writing

I was first told that I was a good writer in the fourth grade. Yep. Of course I ignored that thought because at that time I wanted to be a singer or dancer. Well actually a lawyer too and I thought writing was boring (yeah, I was stupid). I wanted to be a lawyer because I loved history class and any class that had to do with laws. Then I started loving Language Arts and then English. Of course I still loved Social Studies, History, Geography, Civics and so on. Anyways time passed by in school and we started taking these big writing exams and I would receive the highest scores. They would give each of us,students, different writing prompts and we had to write a 5 paragraph essay based on the prompt in 45 minutes. Somehow the ideas and words would flow in and what I thought would receive bad comments and a bad grade would receive the best grade and best comments. And well you can guess what happened after that. I decided to write all the time…essays, short stories, poems, and random things.

I don’t know if I want to be an author yet and I’m not saying I’m the best writer ever but I know I can write. And where do I get my inspiration from?

Well that’s not a really hard question for me to answer.

I get my inspiration from everywhere.

I listen to a song and I imagine this whole scene and I start writing. I see nature and I start writing. I dream something and I write that too. I go through something whether its bad or good and I just have to write it. Nothing stops me. My inspiration comes and even if I am in the middle of my math class I take out a paper and I start writing. Yes, I do get caught but you know what my teachers tell me? Keep going! My family too and now my blogger friends. I get inspired and I just have to write it down quickly. At first I was scared. We all get scared when we are starting something new right? But I let that fear go and I listened to my teachers and family members and I wrote :). And now I am finally starting to share it with the blogging world.

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Discussion: What The Reading Girl is Currently Reading (Good Books)

Picture 007

I am currently reading three wonderful books. Below I will let you know what they each are about and my opinion.

1. The Lord of The Rings (50th anniversary edition) by J.R.R. Tolkien: Frodo Baggins knew the Ringwraiths were searching for him – and the Ring of Power he bore that would enable Sauron to destroy all that was good in Middle-earth. Now it was up to Frodo and his faithful servant Sam to carry the Ring to where it could be detroyed – in the very center of Sauron’s dark kingdom. (Summary for The Fellowship of the Ring)

My thoughts:  I have the 50th anniversary edition which is all the three books inside: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King.  Its 1,178 pages and I am still in the first book. But I love it. It’s so full of details and emotions. Its like if Hobbits and Elves actually did exist. LOVE=This book. More will come once I review this book. P.S. I can tell that Peter Jackson tried as hard as possible to make the movie accurately. And I LOVE the movies :).

2. Quien es el anticristo?(Who is the Antichrist?) by Mark Hitchcock: With the growing interest in the Antichrist these days, curiosity runs high for both Christians and unbelievers–with good reason. In books, movies, and even everyday conversation, so many ideas about who he is, what he will do, and the timing of his arrival abound that it’s difficult to separate biblical fact from human speculation.
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Dance and Singing (My thoughts)

I don’t exactly dance or sing at a studio like most people have done. I danced ballet for 3 years and stopped because for economic reasons and I never sang at a singing school also for economic reasons. But, I can dance because I kept practicing on my own and I can sing because I also kept practicing on my own. My family is full of singers and dancers and because of me practicing my singing and dancing I have been asked to dance and sing at events here in Miami and Puerto Rico.  Even though singing and dancing are not my passion, it is something I like doing. Especially singing. And I LOVE doing this especially when it’s for God. Especially when I’m asked to dance and sing at church events. I feel free, wonderful, amazing, and most of all happy. I love creating choreography and then dancing it for God. Words can’t describe what I feel and what I make people feel, through God, when I sing and dance. What I am trying to say is that the way I see dancing and singing is in a positive way, to express your feelings and thoughts, so in a way you bless people in ways you could never imagine.


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The Reading Girl, The Blogger, Me

Obviously, that’s not me but it kind of shows how I am. I don’t know how this post will turn out but I just wanted to say something about me for once!

I am a young girl or woman who wants to do many things in her life. Quiet, fun, (those combinations do work out 🙂 ), studious, reader, adventurer, curious, thinker, writer, book reviewer, different, amazing, blogger, daughter, sister, daughter of God, student, friend, beautiful, weird, crazy, skinny, healthy, serious, dancer, artist, traveler, and people could go on describing me.

But who I am is what makes me and that’s why I decided to do this blog. To show the world the true me in many different ways. Through poems, photography, book reviews, discussions, posts, and so on.

How I am in this blog is how I truly am and I am grateful for all of you who have made it possible and have motivated me to blog. 🙂 Thank you!

National Library Week: 10 Reasons Why Librarians are Awesome (Read on you will laugh and get very informed)

Quick Note: I originally got this article from: Buzzfeed.com or here. But since I love libraries I wanted to share it with you guys :D. And also thanks to one of my family members for letting me know about this. Its a shame I didn’t even know this, lol.



In celebration of National Library Week (4/13-4/19), here is an homage to a group of greatly misunderstood and underappreciated professionals.

“The Mean Shusher.”


smallreview.blogspot.com                  jonmayhem.blogspot.com         

What people usually envision when they think of a librarian.

Or the “Naughty Librarian.”

Again, another wild misunderstanding.

Tammy (Parks & Rec) didn’t make it any easier for us.

Pure evil.

But throw away those pre-conceived notions…

But throw away those pre-conceived notions...

Because you got us all wrong. 



1. Did you know Librarians need to get a Master’s Degree?

Did you know Librarians need to get a Master's Degree?

It’s a serious profession, and the official degree is called a Masters in Library & Information Science/Studies. Here’s a directory of all the different schools that offer this program.

2. Librarians are relaxed!

10 Reasons Why Librarians Are Awesome

It’s considered one of the least stressful jobs, according to this report by CareerCast.com.

But you might ask, aren’t librarians irrelevant now?

But you might ask, aren't librarians irrelevant now?

3. The Library & Information Science field is evolving.

The Library & Information Science field is evolving.

Forget working only in dusty book stacks. There are modern technology and data-based jobs for Library degree-holders such as Digital Manuscripts Project Manager, Information Research Specialist, Web Project Manager, GIS Map Specialist, Creative Project Manager, etc.

4. Special Librarians can also work for museums, law offices, and even orchestras!

Along with large corporations, hospitals, etc.

There’s even such a thing as a “Wine Librarian.”

Best job ever? Read more about wine libraries here.

5. Librarians can be fun!

Librarians can be fun!

Steven Kemple, music librarian at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s Main Library, dons this Gorilla suit as a way of being experimental and to invoke curiosity among his patrons.

Or this Guerilla Librarian, who set up Corner Library in Brooklyn, NY.

These tattooed librarians even have their own calendar.

Nothing exemplifies a good time like a dance party at the library!

6. Librarians are super creative – in our book displays…

It’s our craft.

7. And our programs.

8. Librarians can be superheroes.

Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) as THE Librarian

The Glorious Rupert Giles from Buffy

10 Reasons Why Librarians Are Awesome

Such wit. Such sass.

And best of all, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl!

9. Some of our favorite authors were librarians.

Lewis Carroll


Beverly Cleary


Jorge Luis Borges


Along with Marcel Proust, Madeleine L’Engle, Joanna Cole (The Magic School BusSeries), and Jacob Grimm (Grimms’ Fairy Tales).

10. But most importantly, librarians make a difference.

But most importantly, librarians make a difference.

According to NPR, “Most inmates will never win early release, so the library becomes a place to improve reading skills, write a letter home, watch an instructional video on auto mechanics or just escape, mentally.” Hear this NPR interview with Prison Librarian Glennor Shirley here.

The life of Judge Olly Neal’s (pictured here with his daughter) was transformed by his school librarian, Mildred Grady. Read the incredibly heartwarming story here. (Beware: it’s a tearjerker.)

So less of this.

And more of this.

Because even Colbert knows

Comedy Central

Librarians are awesome.
This post was created by a member of BuzzFeed Community, where anyone can post awesome lists and creations. Learn more or post your buzz!

Now isn’t all of this true? My grandma was a school librarian and my aunt is a professional librarian. Libraries,especially, librarians are the best :D.  So this whole week is celebrating Libraries 🙂  comment down below anything related 🙂



Discussion: Favorite Books

I obviously love reading very much. It’s the best feeling meeting new characters and entering new worlds and falling in love. I may sound ridiculous but only a book nerd like me would understand :D. Anyways down below are some of my most favorite books that are definitely worth reading (Divergent and Papertowns are being lended now 😉 ).



Even though I try as much as possible to keep my books in good conditions,well, they are never going to look new if I make notes on them or take them somewhere with me no matter how much I try.

Here are some books that I forgot to photograph:

3744583 Bitterwseet 10866624 Teeth 52750-7514925  KeepHoldingOn_FINAL.indd What I Am Currently Reading imagesperfectchemistry


And some ebooks:

81271875565318400085520494817287877 babd1-fortydaysbystephanieparenthighres


Each of these books changed me in some way or taught me a life lesson. Remember, Don’t judge a book by its cover, what is inside is what matters.

There are obviously many more but these are the ones I could remember.

I guess the point of this, is to discuss what are some of your most favorite books that you have ever read. Go ahead and list them!

P.S. if you want to see my reviews for these books just type the title and enjoy 🙂

Book Discussion  © The Reading Girl


The Beautiful Blogger Award/ Two times

Well!!! I finally have the time to post about awards and let me tell you that there are many….

Anyways on April 5th and April 6th of 2014 I was nominated this award by fellow blogger friends: Edward and Frankie. I was surprised and happy at the same time. They obviously deserve them and they are such great bloggers who one, just published his book Hero’s Romance (CHECK IT OUT!!) and the other one, a great writer :). Check out their blogs.



The Award:

The Beautiful Blogger Award is an honor bestowed by fellow bloggers to show how much they love reading your blog and appreciate the beauty in your words.

Nothing makes me feel happier than inspiring others.


1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo.

2. Thank the person who nominated you and create a link back.

3. Nominate 7 (yes only seven) other bloggers and say a little something about them.


Now, this one is hard but do not take offense if I didn’t nominate you. Remember there are many awards left so you might be one.

1. Alex Raphael – Alex is just amazing! Posts great pictures, lines of the days, fun movie quizzes, film reviews, and many other great fun things that have to do with travel, entertainment, and lifestyle.

2. Petals Unfolding– Amy is quiet my inspiration here in the blogging world. She takes beautiful pictures and comes up with the most amazing poems ever.

3.  Professor VJ Duke – Professor is mysterious in some ways and very hilarious and creative 🙂 always makes my day

4. Uniquely Portable Magic:  – Destini writes the most beautiful reviews ever! So detailed and wonderful

5. Drown in Melancholy – you will have fun with her college life. I love her 🙂

6. HalfEatenMind- I really enjoy his posts. Very different from what I used to but very informative and entertaining.

7. Muse Ministry– She posts the most amazing short stories ever.


Great blogs that you should check out 🙂

Awards © The Reading Girl

5 Reasons to Not Wear Mini-Shorts (Read on, its interesting)


Imagine yourself in a hot climate like Miami’s or any other tropical place…imagine how you want to be cool(as in you want to feel fresh air against your legs,especially women) and that is why you choose attire that could show your skin like the picture above. I mean don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with using shorts at all. They are comfortable, cool, match basically with any shirt or shoes and there are millions of styles.


But, like every piece of cloth we use, they have to be our size and not be extremely short. I want to share with you guys 5 reasons to not use mini-shorts even if they are in style.

Quick note: This post is based on my observations of all the young ladies I see out there. And based on my experience too. I have never been comfortable wearing shorts that show a bit of butt or look like underwear, I find them way to uncomfortable and I feel like a skank  when I wear them. I finally decided to just wear skinny jeans, short but not mini-short skirts, and just shorts that are a little bit above my knee. Read on if you are interested.

#1 They are uncomfortable

Without doubt, wearing something way to small is going to be uncomfortable. If we are aware that shorts are between the butt and legs and we don’t want anything showing, we can have a pretty bad time always fixing them. Why would we wear something that makes us feel uncomfortable?

Example: I was at the fair once and this girl wore these mini shorts that kept getting stuck between her butt cheeks and you can imagine how that looked. The poor girl kept pulling her shorts down and walking like a penguin.

#2 Show way too much skin

The whole idea is to leave something to the imagination. Sure you can look sexy but you don’t need to show your ass. The whole point is to show your beautiful legs but not show something that can be saved for later or is something private.

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April is here and its time to enter a new world

Hi fellow bloggers! I am back into the blogging world and I am very happy. I had an extremely fun time with my family and I did not want it to end. As the days goes on I will post about everything I did by pictures and small messages. Everything will turn back to normal.

I can’t believe it’s already April. The fourth month of the year is already here and that means that the year is almost half way. The Reading Girl blog has a lot planned and I can’t wait to post :).

For now enjoy this photograph I took on my vacation while I explored my home Miami, Florida. Thanks for seeing it 🙂



(I did not edit this picture at all.I took it and my wonderful Canon camera captured the exact colors and reflections that I saw in person.)

Photography © The Reading Girl


Spring Break for this Reading Girl


I live in America and as some of you may know we have spring break over here for a whole week. It depends where you study or where you work.  I really don’t know the point of this break but I do know that I am thankful for it 😀 Anyways I have spring break for a whole week and guess what that means? I will be doing things and will barely have any time to be in the blogging world. So I will leave only for a week and will not post, respond to any comments, or like any posts from the bloggers I follow. I just wanted to let you guys know, because I think some of you might have gotten worried not hearing anything from me for a whole week right? I don’t know maybe some of you would have actually worried 😛

But I do want to say that I will have future posts planned to publish soon:

  1. Book reviews. I know I haven’t really posted any but with my busy life I have barely gotten any time to read or review at all any of the ARC ‘s(Advanced Readers Copy) that I have received. Getting arc’s was something I wanted so that’s crossed of my list that I had posted a while back. I am very happy to write and share my reviews and new books with you guys. 
  2. Awards. Okay….some of you have really exaggerated with the awards..haha (you know who you are). I didn’t expect to get so many this year and from some people I didn’t even know liked my blog. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love receiving them but I haven’t had any time to properly post about them. Which I want to do because there are some of you that I would really like to award :). So expect a post about this soon. That’s another thing crossed from my list.
  3. Photos. I have taken so many pictures that I think are great and I want to share them with you all  how I take them and all of that photography information 🙂
  4. Movie ReviewsOkay so this is going to be something new for me :D. I LOVE movies. Everything about films, so I thought I might review films and I know that a lot of you review movies. I would like your help on that. It must be as easy as reviewing a book right?
  5. Poems and my writings. Yes, i want to post more of my poems and writings and articles 🙂
  6. Quotes. More inspirational quotes.

That’s basically it! I’m sure more will come along the way. I will see you guys in a week 🙂 Happy Spring and happy reading. Happy everything 😀

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Blog Update

I simply just want to do a discussion here.

I have been thinking about updating my blog theme, but I don’t know what theme to choose.  There are some pretty great themes here in wordpress that I really like.

I wanted to know your opinion of good themes that I could choose.  Its been a hard decision.

Let me know! 🙂

My Experience watching The 86th Annual Oscars

Yes…the Oscars. Everybody might not be talking about it and others might be talking about it. This year they were on March 2nd, 2014. Since I live in the United States I was able to watch them from 7:00pm to 12 Midnight. In my opinion I LOVE watching the Oscars. Not only because of the fashion or because of the awards but because I am just fascinated by films and anything that has to do with cinematography and movies. If you are interested in what happened look down below!

Well this year the Oscars was hosted by Ellen Degeneres. She made it so FUN! And yes it was a bit informal but it had that bit of a fun side to it which means that next year Oscars will be so much more funny. And I really liked that she hosted it. She made them so much more fun.



Was originally going to be taken with Meryl Streep but then Ellen decided to invite all of them. All of this happened live! Ellen posted this on Twitter and eventually Twitter went down from how many people there was retweeting this. It got more than 1 million retweets

After the honoring of The Wizard of Oz

When she ordered Pizza which everyone was surprised.

The movie of the night was Gravity which won 7 Oscars including Best Director for Alfonso Cuaron. The first Latin American to ever win an Oscar in Directing. 12 Years A Slave won only 3 Oscars including Best Picture! That was a really great thing. Everything was right except that American Hustle and Wolf of Wallstreet won nothing. That was kind of a big surprise. Also The Great Gatsby won 2 Oscars and the movie Her won only 1. What surprised me the most was that Captain Phillips didn’t even win anything. That was such a great film that at least deserved some recognition. Well to not write much below are all the movies and awards. The ones that have the stars and are in bold are the winners. In bold are also some of my thoughts.

Some of the banners from some of the nominated movies:

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Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn!! 🙂 In honor of her and The Oscars

Kitt Noir

Audrey Hepburn wearing Givenchy in 1953 for her Roman Holiday Best Actress Oscar win. Perfection.


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Library of Love

Cover Reveal: The Escapist by Steve Powell “Timing is Everything”

I have the honor to reveal you guys a very awesome book titled: The Escapist by Steve Powell. If you are interested in this piece of literature read down below! You will not regret it.



 What if you were wanted for a crime you didn’t commit? What would you do if you could glimpse the future?

 After an innocent encounter with a stranger, a consultant loses consciousness and awakens the next day suddenly able to glimpse events that have yet to happen, 24 hours into the future. He follows the enigmatic stranger’s every move in an attempt to unravel the mystery. Soon he can’t sleep, he’s lost his appetite and thoughts are running through his mind at 100 miles an hour. His relationship, his job and the predictable life he thinks he knows begins to fall apart at the seams. Reliance on untested allies becomes a must while he is being chased offshore by a corrupt organization and federal agents, all determined to bring him down. To survive, he has to exploit his new-found talents to stay one step ahead of his pursuers or escape will be next to impossible.


Author Bio

 Steve Powell is a writer and freelance artist who resides in the Washington DC metro area. He has travelled extensively to gain rich experiences and perspectives to draw his ideas from. In his spare time he does acrylic painting. A former management consultant, he currently provides creative design services via his company: Neptune Inc. He has provided short stories and artwork for publications such as Conceit magazine and Antarctic Press.

Click here to check out the:

Author Blog

Click here to purchase The Escapist:

 Buy link at amazon


 This cover reveal was brought to you by:

Music is My Life Posts: Owl City

  I LOVE music. I seriously do. Its something that makes me feel alive and new.  I decided to create a post where I would publish my most favorite songs from my most favorite artists.  I want to at least do this every week. I haven’t seen this anywhere else so its my own original idea.

 Today’s turn is: Owl City

 Owl City is an American electronica project created in 2007 in Owatonna, Minnesota, one of several such projects by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Young. Young created the project while experimenting with music in his parents’ basement. Owl City developed a following on the social networking site Myspace, like many musicians who achieved success in the late 2000s, before signing with Universal Republic in 2008.

After two independent releases, Owl City gained mainstream popularity with the 2009 major label debut album Ocean Eyes, which included the quadruple-platinum hit single Fireflies. The album was certified Platinum in the United States in April 2010.

In 2011, Owl City released his third studio album, All Things Bright and Beautiful. This was followed by The Midsummer Station in August 2012. Owl City has also recorded songs for animated films including Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’HooleWreck-It RalphThe Croods and The Smurfs 2.


I first knew about Owl City by the radio. I was just mesmerized by the music, lyrics, and his voice. Its very different than what I usually hear. The thing about Owl City is Adam Young’s lyrics are POSITIVE and HAPPY. Nothing sad or about break ups. His lyrics have a beautiful message behind them once you really listen to them and read them.

The song that was written by him that I want to share with you all is his big hit: “Fireflies” Its a beautiful song based on his own experience about insomnia and the world. Its more than that too…just listen to it.



*I hope you enjoyed this beautiful song. To learn more about Owl City you can go to Wikipedia where I got my information.

No matter the Obstacles anything is Possible


 This two people are an amazing inspiration to me. One who was born with the obstacles and one who when she was 13 had a new obstacle. But you see, they still went on forward with their life’s and have changed many people. Bethany Hamilton and Nick Vujicic are true heroes.

*Picture edited by me on Befunky.com but property of NoahHamilton.com (Bethany’s brother)

 Post © The reading Girl

Worlds most Amazing Libraries. Check it out!

I love libraries. I buy my books but I also like going to the libraries to read other kinds of books. I always stay for hours helping and looking for books. I wanted to share with you guys some of the world’s greatest libraries. I don’t know where their located but I do know that they are pretty HUGE. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

IMG_41758398036754 IMG_13836868438669 amazing_libraries_8

download (25)

trinity-collegelibraries-02 download (27) images (14) images (15) images (16) amazing-libraries-handelingenkamer

Post © The Reading Girl
★Pictures were found in Google

Entangled in Webs


Taken from my balcony

 I am going to have to give credit to my sister for taking this one. I think she did a great job just capturing the spider web. But I went ahead and edit it. I edit some of my pictures in BeFunky.com. I think its a great website to edit and photoshop your images, in my opinion. I darkened the image a bit and sharpened the spider web so it would be noticeable. Then I lightened the background just a little and darkened the objects in sight. I think it turned out good.

 What I like about this picture is the spiderweb. I rarely see spiderwebs and its hard to take a picture of one if you notice one. I think its a beauty how the spider takes her time and creates this fragile yet beautiful trap for her prey. In my opinion I was surprised my sister took the time to take this and then share it with me. She is a great photographer too :).

Photograph/ Post © The Reading Girl


Child Star and Beauty Leaves This World

As A Child
Shirley Temple: April 23, 1928 – February 10, 2014

Many of you may know who this beautiful little child is. If you don’t  the this is the famous Shirley Temple who was a bright light to the world during the Depression of the 30s. She appeared in numerous famous films which include: Curly Top, Heidi, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and so on. She was a sensation. She sadly died of a heart attack, at the age of 85 on February 10th, 2014 and it was announced today to the whole world. She was surrounded by family and friends. She is survived by her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

“There’s nothing like real love. Nothing.”
-Shirley Temple

 I wanted to do this post today in honor of her. I was a big fan of her and I loved the way she acted and how cute she was. I first knew about her from a movie my mom bought, which was Fort Apache. Of course she was grown but since I loved how she acted I decided to learn more about her. And that’s when I started being a fan of all her movies. I just loved her cute little voice and how cute she danced. And how she seemed to always fix the problems. No wonder everyone would ignore their problems in the 30s and be joyful to watch her.

 As time passed by and she grew into a mature women people seemed to loose interest in her. Soon she retired at an early age and continued her own life. But she would always be remembered as the child star who put a bright light into people’s life.

I will always remember her and all the great achievements she did in her life. Its really sad for her not to be remembered and known in this generation but I know people will somehow remember her. RIP Shirley.

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Young and Beautiful/ Lana Del Rey

I first heard Lana’s voice when I was watching the movie The Great Gatsby (which was amazing and tragic), and I was just mesmerized by her voice. It sounds haunting yet beautiful. Its very different than most of the voices we hear now. I immediately started listening to her songs and I LOVED her voice and songs. Yes, her songs are sad and tragic but there is always something beautiful about it.

Lana has like a retro style and her name Lana is not actually her name. She was inspired by Lana Turner and thus she changed her name.

Young and Beautiful is a very sad but gorgeous song. I love the style and musical instruments. I wanted to share my favorite song with you guys!

Enjoy 🙂

Perfect Chemistry’s effect and Hot Blonde Girl most used

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles has been my most viewed post and book review. It has had a great effect in my blog. With a total of 2,954 views and counting.


Awesome book!

I wonder why?

When I first posted my review for this book I just considered it another boring book review of mine that will either never get liked or will barely receive any attention. Like most bloggers or reviewers, I was obviously excited to write a review by me since it has been one of my most favorite YA books(Young Adult) and i wanted to share that same happiness with the world. But little did I know it became my most viewed post! I started noticing that Perfect Chemistry had at least 200 views everyday. And I also noticed its my most liked review in Goodreads and here in my blog. With at least 40 likes in GR and 10 likes here. Yeah, it might not be a lot for bloggers that get many likes, but for an indie like me who just started reviewing books and blogging its pretty much an accomplishment.

Then I started wondering, why is it viewed so much and why is it searched so much throughout my blog? I came up with some of my own answers: maybe because its a very popular book. Or maybe because the author is popular. Or I just simply wrote one of my first good reviews. Yes and yes and no. It is a very popular book and Simone is a very known author. But to be honest I think its an ok review. Not even that good compared to my other better reviews. It has pictures and some quotes, maybe that’s why it has captured so much attention. Probably because of my originality. But a blogger also has their most viewed post and I guess Perfect Chemistry was the one meant to be for some reason I will never know or get. But it also makes me kind of happy that at least people are enjoying it. It makes me glad they appreciate my work in some way.

Blondes will always be popular right?

Then something else caught my eye. “Hot Blonde Girl” or “Beautiful Blonde Girl”. Those two sentences have been a very popular search term in my blog. It strikes me as funny because my blog is about reading and my personal updates. It has nothing to do with hot sexy blondes and never will, unless you go look at my Perfect Chemistry review. That’s where it all goes and relates. In that review I use a picture of a gorgeous blonde girl who I described as Brittany Ellis. The main character and heroine of the book. Since Perfect Chemistry is popular among my posts of course people will be typing such things as “hot blonde” or “sexy blonde”. A person even commented in my review this: “Hey whats that girls name that you showed for Brittany ellis?” That was funny to me because all they were interested in was that blonde I used. And then it came to me: my review is also popular because of the blonde girl. Not because people even read it or know who the author is, but because of that blonde girl. *hits her head and sighs*

Blonde I used for review

So my blog is also popular because of a f*cking hot blonde who is not even the main thing in my blog. People my blog is not some place full of hot, sexy, provocative blondes! Maybe I should just change the picture to an ugly duck or something. Let’s see how that turns out. So there you have it. Perfect Chemistry is popular for 4 reasons: popular book, popular author, probably I wrote an awesome review, and because of the blonde. I choose the blonde. Everyday I look at my stats and I see: Perfect Chemistry 290 views and “hot blonde” searched at least 40 times. So much for my reviews and posts.

Any who, I am still going to post anything even if people keep thinking this blog is full of hot blondes :P. So if you want to check out my review here you go:


I don’t mind. I do thank all of you who have actually read it and enjoyed it :).

What has been your most viewed post or your most popular search engine term?

Perfect Chemistry’s effect and Hot Blonde Girl most used © The Reading Girl

“Some Infinities are bigger than other Infinities”

 “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” 

 If you rapidly recognized that quote then you can obviously tell what this wonderful post will be about. If you didn’t, then you do not know what you have missed. The Fault in Our Stars will once again be praised in The Reading Girl. It’s a New York time Bestseller and one of the most beautiful and awesome books I have ever read! John Green wrote beautifully and created one of my most favorite book characters ever. This is the only book that I have read more than 5 stars and still makes me cry. In other words, I am a HUGE fan. This is the only book that is still in my mind and its the only book I am REALLY crazy about. The Fault in Our Stars was passed on to me by a friend and I have passed it on to my friends. In fact even some of my blogger friends have read it because of me, and they know who they are 🙂


  John Green’s first novel, Looking for Alaska, won the 2006 Michael L. Printz Award presented by the American Library Association. His second novel, An Abundance of Katherines, was a 2007 Michael L. Printz Award Honor Book and a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. His next novel, Paper Towns, is a New York Times bestseller and won the Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best YA Mystery. In January 2012, his most recent novel, The Fault in Our Stars, was met with wide critical acclaim, unprecedented in Green’s career. The praise included rave reviews in Time Magazine and The New York Times, on NPR, and from award-winning author Markus Zusak. The book also topped the New York Times Children’s Paperback Bestseller list for several weeks. Green has also coauthored a book with David Levithan called Will Grayson, Will Grayson, published in 2010. The film rights for all his books, with the exception of Will Grayson Will Grayson, have been optioned to major Hollywood Studios.

In 2007, John and his brother Hank were the hosts of a popular internet blog, “Brotherhood 2.0,” where they discussed their lives, books and current events every day for a year except for weekends and holidays. They still keep a video blog, now called “The Vlog Brothers,” which can be found on the Nerdfighters website, or a direct link here. Green also has more than 1 million followers in Twitter! You can find him on his website.

d Different quotes from The Fault in our Stars by John Green

   Well today January 30th, 2014 I am proud to post that the first movie trailer came out yesterday! I was so giddy and happy! One of my friends texted me and sent me the video through youtube. I called her and we yelled and talked about the book and trailer for what seemed like hours. We were in the verge of tears and we just couldn’t believe it. You guys can read my review and find it on my Book Reviews section. I think I might write a new version of my review, I don’t know. Anyways, enjoy the trailer and movie poster!

What do you think? 

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The Reporter and The Girl (Minus The Superman) by S.C. Rhyne/ Book Blurb

If you are a follower of mine and you do not like reading books or anything that has to do with books then don’t read on(which I do not get because my blog is all about books and bookish things;) )…it might bore you even though you might miss on a great book :).

I first created my blog with a purpose…and that was to share with all my followers and friends posts about books that I have read and my own books reviews. Recently I have been a bit behind on reading and reviewing. I haven’t been able to finish reading books given to me by authors or reviewed any at all since my days are REALLY busy, but I am sure they understand(since I have let them know).

Today I decided to have some time to let you all know about one particular book that I am actually enjoying very much. As you can see it is titled: The Reporter and The Girl (Minus the Superman). It is by S.C. Rhyne, an awesome author and blogger. Her blog is VERY popular here in WordPress and I am sure some of you have heard about it. Her book is a huge hit and it’s getting more popular as time passes by. It was recently made into a paperback as it was originally a story blog. I contacted her because I was interested in reading her book after she posted a post asking if anyone was interested in reviewing her book. She replied back and provided me the ecopy along with the links of the  positive reviews readers have wrote(there hasn’t been a negative review yet). The reviews looked good and I knew I was going to like it… let me say something: IT’S REALLY GOOD. I am starting to love it. Since I want you guys to read it too and buy it ;), I decided to post the Book Cover and a little Book Blurb. If it’s up to your likes and interest then go follow her on her blog and read her book!

*I decided to do this post on my own will. The author didn’t ask me…nobody did.

It is not a comic book 🙂
Also click on the image to access S.C. Rhyne’s blog

 Book Blurb:

Welcome to the rabbit hole

I am the last person in New York City who would fall head over heels in love.

Independent.  Self-possessed. Why would I want to f**k that up?

My online dating profile at bd-fet.com simply reads: “Just looking.”

So why am I obsessing about Jon Sudbury?

Jon, the reporter, is vanilla as a milkshake and has probably never tasted rice and beans on the same plate before we met.

At least that’s what I thought.

Why can’t people remain simple and predictable?

All I want is control, not to be sent hurtling at maximum speed into the unknown.

Nothing about our story makes sense.

The thing is, I can handle desire, lust, passion, even betrayal…

But love is another world altogether.

And this is not a love story.

**For Mature Audiences**

***Not a Comic Book***

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The Beauty of Nature

Where I live in Miami there are ACTUALLY trees. Not like Miami Beach where there is barely any trees. I live in this calm, quiet, beautiful area named Miami Lakes and I was just walking around and the nature around me left me speechless. I knew that I just had to share this with you all :). Enjoy!

*I took these pictures with my Canon PowerShot SX500 camera. I LOVE it. I didn’t edit any of these pictures. I took them and they came out like that :D.These are my pictures, so please be nice and do not copy them

Picture 002

The Sunset

Picture 003

The Sunset near my house

Picture 004

Its a road surrounded completely by trees and grass right in front of my house

 Picture 005

Picture 006

Picture 007

Picture 008

Picture 009

Picture 011

Sidewalk near my house

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Virginia Woolf: English Writer and Modernists of the 20th century

I have been a bit behind on blogging. I haven’t posted that many book reviews or cover reveals but soon I will. To make it up today I decided to do this post in honor of Virginia Woolf. Even though I have never read a book by this extraordinary woman,soon I will, I find the need to write about her because in this day she was born. One of the most important writers of English literature was born today and changes the world through her writing. As you read on you will learn who this beautiful woman is…and you might like her :).

images (5)

At age 20

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The Sunshine Award

I am very happy and honored to finally be able to do this post :). Well as I am proud to say that the past last week I was awarded two awards in a row! I felt truly delighted and honored. I couldn’t believe it…I was seriously jumping up and down :D.  But unfortunately I only have time to post about 1 award…so the Liebster Award  will have to wait, for now.

Quick note: The bloggers that I have awarded below are bloggers that I have known for a while, love their posts, have chatted frequently with, or we have supported each other in some way or the other. If I just met you and you recently followed me or I recently followed you, do not be offended if you aren’t in the list. Remember there will be more awards in the future and it doesn’t mean you suck. We just need to know each other more and I still need to explore your blog :D.And it’s probably not your time yet….

The first award I was awarded was by Don Charisma who has given me advice many times and who has become a good “friend” in the blog world. It was the Sunshine Award:

He has an awesome blog and many inspiring posts. I felt and still feel very honored that he nominated me….so thank you very much! 🙂

The Rules for The Sunshine Award (I am still a bit new to do this, but I think I got it):

  • Display the Award on your Blog.
  • Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you.
  • Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award – “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
  • Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded.
  • Write 10 interesting things about you

The Nominees (you can accept if you want to and the order of nominees does not matter):

1. Alex Raphael

2. Kindness Blog

3. Cancer Isn’t Pink

4. Support. Inspire. Connect. Reflect.

5. E-Tinkerbell

6. The Librarian Lady and Rosie Bear

7. The Seeker’s Dungeon

8. Uniquely Portable Magic

9. Fictionfanaticandromance

10. Lost in Expression

Congrats!!! 🙂

10 interesting things about me 🙂

1. I have never gone on a cruise ship

2. I have never dyed my hair

3. I still believe fairies and mermaids exist( I know 🙂 )

4. I do NOT like Jane Austen

5. I have never read a book by Virginia Woolf

6. I eat A LOT and still stay skinny

7. I have a HUGE family

8. I know 3 languages (Spanish, English, and French)

9. I am actually a very happy person 😀

10. I have never gone to Europe but REALLY want to

Well that’s it fellow bloggers!! Be proud and happy with this award and I am happy for you all. Do not feel bad or offended if you are not in the list (I know what I am talking about). The Liebster Award still hasn’t be posted…so you never know! 🙂

For now Dare to Read and Enter a New World

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