The Reading Girl is Back!

Hey fellow readers!

Yes. I am finally back into every social media. I took a two month break, which I’m glad I did.

So much has happened in these months of summer and now almost fall. I haven’t been able to read new books, read my emails, or even enter my blog.

All I can say is that I have been busy with summer camps, school, church activities, dates, and personal things. Hehe.

Today I decided to finally post. I hope you guys haven’t forgotten about this Reading Girl because I sure haven’t forgotten about you guys. I’m going to catch up soon on all your posts.

Expect posts soon!

In the mean time enjoy this picture:

libros cama ylo


Blog Update: Personal Update

 Hey fellow bloggers and followers! As you may have noticed I haven’t been here in my blog a lot. It’s summer and I have had the time of my life jeje :P.

I have tried to keep up with your posts but I have been too busy. Soon I’ll try to post my normal posts and pictures.

I am not going to write much today since I’ll be heading out in a few hours to help at a summer camp here in Puerto Rico. But I have had a great time and I hope that I can keep up with everything soon.

I love all of you and thank you for understanding.

Being Reborn Again

 In other words…I got baptized. Yes, I did!! And it feels wonderful. I’m Christian, not a religious person (there is a HUGE difference). I respect people and do not judge anybody. I follow God, pray, sing, dance, and read the Bible. I do not let church get in the way of my personal life. I also do things that are normal.

Anyways, I know that after accepting Christ as my savior I must also be baptized. Nobody forced me to do this. My parents or church members…I decided to do this. And it felt great. I was nervous but happy. This is a  great decision that I must take seriously. I will be reborn through Christ and my sins from the past will be erased.  Of course, sometimes I will fall but God will help me back up. I am determined to be a new person.

I never thought this day would come. After six weeks of classes it did come, and I will always remember May 18th, 2014. It was a great ceremony. Everybody congratulated me and I even received a certificate. I can’t describe the joy I feel and felt! My pastor was extremely happy and wonderful. I can’t wait for the things that will come :).


If you read my post about why May is awesome, then you will know that this event was included there. This whole weekend was awesome. My special prom, my dance event from school, and now my baptism. May has been the best so far :D.

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A Book The Reading Girl Surprisingly Likes

I’m currently reading the last book from the MATCHED series by Ally Condie. The covers are gorgeous and I like the original idea of these books.

The first book: I LOVED 4 out of 5 stars

The second book: I HATED 2 out of 5 stars :Boring as hell (took me 2 MONTHS!!! to read it) the ending was the only GREAT thing about it.

Third book: I surprisingly love it. Its great. I like all the characters and the writing. I just started reading it and I can’t put it down. So far its 3 stars out 5 for me…but I think it will go up.




I do recommend this series. It’s really cool. Even though the second book was boring, it needs to be read to understand everything.  Read the reviews, listen to ME…hehe… and you will like this whole series.

That’s all. I just wanted to state that I am surprisingly enjoying this last book of the MATCHED series. I thought it would be a big disappointment like the second book. But, I took the risk and I don’t regret it yet.

Can’t wait for the review 🙂

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(May) the best month for The Reading Girl

 I used to write about all the months when I started my blog, but then I stopped. Today, 7 days into the 5th month of 2014 I decided to go back to doing that but only with this month. This month is always special to me for a LOT of reasons.  So far 2014 is okay, probably not the best year but it will be once it gets to summer :D.


First reason why its the best month: I took my finals tests that we always take during this month and I did great. Three f*cking weeks of testing and doing practically nothing. But I’m glad that’s over. It means I passed my grade.

Second reason: Expolit. I’m not sure if some of you have heard about this but this is a Latin American Christian book fair. A LOT happens here. I know someone who works in Expolit and got to interview almost all the famous Spanish Christian singers, which also means I got to meet them and take pictures with them :). Plus, the person I know, knows some of them since these Christian famous singers started their career. I’ll post some pictures if you are interested. It was a great experience that I will never forget.

Third reason: I’m ashamed to say this but how could I forget Audrey Hepburn’s birthday??? She is my icon and I forgot that if she was alive, she would be 85 years old. Her birthday was on May 4th. I love Audrey but I forgot about that completely. At least Google had remembered:

Doesn’t Google always remember everything? And so did my family members and friends who know I LOVE Audrey. *Sighs* I’m a girl, almost and adult now that has a lot going on, so that might be a good excuse…not really.

Fourth Reason: Mother’s Day. I LOVE this day. It honors all the mother’s who have gone through a lot to raise their children and proudly fight for them. I can say that I’m thankful for my mother who has always been there for me.

Fifth reason: The month before school ends. I used to look forward to going to school. Don’t get me wrong, my classes are great and so are the teachers and friends. But I would rather spend time in my house and going out than getting 10 piles of homework and waking up early. And just the fact of going to school seeing people I will probably never see again. The month before summer starts: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Sixth Reason: Prom

Seventh Reason: I’m going to finally get baptized. Its something very special for me. It’s a decision I decided to make. I can’t wait for that day.

Eighth Reason: Someone’s special birthday…….

Ninth Reason: It’s simply the best month of the year because I said so…of course June, July, half of August, April, and December are awesome months too, but they are not my favorite months like MAY. I’m pretty sure you can tell why….


That’s all I can remember …I haven’t really been reading much since I have been so busy. I’ll try to come up with something interesting about books…


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Discussion: What The Reading Girl is Currently Reading (Good Books)

Picture 007

I am currently reading three wonderful books. Below I will let you know what they each are about and my opinion.

1. The Lord of The Rings (50th anniversary edition) by J.R.R. Tolkien: Frodo Baggins knew the Ringwraiths were searching for him – and the Ring of Power he bore that would enable Sauron to destroy all that was good in Middle-earth. Now it was up to Frodo and his faithful servant Sam to carry the Ring to where it could be detroyed – in the very center of Sauron’s dark kingdom. (Summary for The Fellowship of the Ring)

My thoughts:  I have the 50th anniversary edition which is all the three books inside: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King.  Its 1,178 pages and I am still in the first book. But I love it. It’s so full of details and emotions. Its like if Hobbits and Elves actually did exist. LOVE=This book. More will come once I review this book. P.S. I can tell that Peter Jackson tried as hard as possible to make the movie accurately. And I LOVE the movies :).

2. Quien es el anticristo?(Who is the Antichrist?) by Mark Hitchcock: With the growing interest in the Antichrist these days, curiosity runs high for both Christians and unbelievers–with good reason. In books, movies, and even everyday conversation, so many ideas about who he is, what he will do, and the timing of his arrival abound that it’s difficult to separate biblical fact from human speculation.
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Discussion: Favorite Books

I obviously love reading very much. It’s the best feeling meeting new characters and entering new worlds and falling in love. I may sound ridiculous but only a book nerd like me would understand :D. Anyways down below are some of my most favorite books that are definitely worth reading (Divergent and Papertowns are being lended now 😉 ).



Even though I try as much as possible to keep my books in good conditions,well, they are never going to look new if I make notes on them or take them somewhere with me no matter how much I try.

Here are some books that I forgot to photograph:

3744583 Bitterwseet 10866624 Teeth 52750-7514925  KeepHoldingOn_FINAL.indd What I Am Currently Reading imagesperfectchemistry


And some ebooks:

81271875565318400085520494817287877 babd1-fortydaysbystephanieparenthighres


Each of these books changed me in some way or taught me a life lesson. Remember, Don’t judge a book by its cover, what is inside is what matters.

There are obviously many more but these are the ones I could remember.

I guess the point of this, is to discuss what are some of your most favorite books that you have ever read. Go ahead and list them!

P.S. if you want to see my reviews for these books just type the title and enjoy 🙂

Book Discussion  © The Reading Girl


The Beautiful Blogger Award/ Two times

Well!!! I finally have the time to post about awards and let me tell you that there are many….

Anyways on April 5th and April 6th of 2014 I was nominated this award by fellow blogger friends: Edward and Frankie. I was surprised and happy at the same time. They obviously deserve them and they are such great bloggers who one, just published his book Hero’s Romance (CHECK IT OUT!!) and the other one, a great writer :). Check out their blogs.



The Award:

The Beautiful Blogger Award is an honor bestowed by fellow bloggers to show how much they love reading your blog and appreciate the beauty in your words.

Nothing makes me feel happier than inspiring others.


1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo.

2. Thank the person who nominated you and create a link back.

3. Nominate 7 (yes only seven) other bloggers and say a little something about them.


Now, this one is hard but do not take offense if I didn’t nominate you. Remember there are many awards left so you might be one.

1. Alex Raphael – Alex is just amazing! Posts great pictures, lines of the days, fun movie quizzes, film reviews, and many other great fun things that have to do with travel, entertainment, and lifestyle.

2. Petals Unfolding– Amy is quiet my inspiration here in the blogging world. She takes beautiful pictures and comes up with the most amazing poems ever.

3.  Professor VJ Duke – Professor is mysterious in some ways and very hilarious and creative 🙂 always makes my day

4. Uniquely Portable Magic:  – Destini writes the most beautiful reviews ever! So detailed and wonderful

5. Drown in Melancholy – you will have fun with her college life. I love her 🙂

6. HalfEatenMind- I really enjoy his posts. Very different from what I used to but very informative and entertaining.

7. Muse Ministry– She posts the most amazing short stories ever.


Great blogs that you should check out 🙂

Awards © The Reading Girl

Quote of the Day: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee


I LOVE this book. One of my all time favorite classics. If you haven’t read it, you have too. REVIEW TO COME.

Quotes © The Reading Girl

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee


Currently Reading and enjoying it very much

April is here and its time to enter a new world

Hi fellow bloggers! I am back into the blogging world and I am very happy. I had an extremely fun time with my family and I did not want it to end. As the days goes on I will post about everything I did by pictures and small messages. Everything will turn back to normal.

I can’t believe it’s already April. The fourth month of the year is already here and that means that the year is almost half way. The Reading Girl blog has a lot planned and I can’t wait to post :).

For now enjoy this photograph I took on my vacation while I explored my home Miami, Florida. Thanks for seeing it 🙂



(I did not edit this picture at all.I took it and my wonderful Canon camera captured the exact colors and reflections that I saw in person.)

Photography © The Reading Girl


Spring Break for this Reading Girl

I live in America and as some of you may know we have spring break over here for a whole week. It depends where you study or where you work.  I really don’t know the point of this break but I do know that I am thankful for it 😀 Anyways I have spring break for a whole week and guess what that means? I will be doing things and will barely have any time to be in the blogging world. So I will leave only for a week and will not post, respond to any comments, or like any posts from the bloggers I follow. I just wanted to let you guys know, because I think some of you might have gotten worried not hearing anything from me for a whole week right? I don’t know maybe some of you would have actually worried 😛

But I do want to say that I will have future posts planned to publish soon:

  1. Book reviews. I know I haven’t really posted any but with my busy life I have barely gotten any time to read or review at all any of the ARC ‘s(Advanced Readers Copy) that I have received. Getting arc’s was something I wanted so that’s crossed of my list that I had posted a while back. I am very happy to write and share my reviews and new books with you guys. 
  2. Awards. Okay….some of you have really exaggerated with the awards..haha (you know who you are). I didn’t expect to get so many this year and from some people I didn’t even know liked my blog. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love receiving them but I haven’t had any time to properly post about them. Which I want to do because there are some of you that I would really like to award :). So expect a post about this soon. That’s another thing crossed from my list.
  3. Photos. I have taken so many pictures that I think are great and I want to share them with you all  how I take them and all of that photography information 🙂
  4. Movie ReviewsOkay so this is going to be something new for me :D. I LOVE movies. Everything about films, so I thought I might review films and I know that a lot of you review movies. I would like your help on that. It must be as easy as reviewing a book right?
  5. Poems and my writings. Yes, i want to post more of my poems and writings and articles 🙂
  6. Quotes. More inspirational quotes.

That’s basically it! I’m sure more will come along the way. I will see you guys in a week 🙂 Happy Spring and happy reading. Happy everything 😀

Post © The Reading Girl

One Choice will DEFINE, DECIDE and DETERMINE your life…Divergent

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Currently Reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. AMAZING!!

The Rest of My Adventure in Texas ( Warning, A LOT OF PICTURES)

As Promised here are the rest of the pictures from my trip!

Places I went: San Antonio, Texas(Downtown), Spanish Governor Palace, The Cathedral(which I think is a replica of the one in Mexico), The Alamo Museum(we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside), The Riverwalk (which is a river that runs the whole Downtown and tourists get to know about in a little tour inside a small boat), Bowling Alley, Dallas, Texas (Downtown), Old Read Museum, The Dallas World Aquarium, and finally the Airport and the Miami (where I live).

Pictures are in order (I think):

Texas 001Texas 002Texas 003Texas 004Texas 005Texas 006Texas 007Texas 008Texas 009

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The Reporter and The Girl (Minus The Superman) by S.C. Rhyne/ Book Blurb

If you are a follower of mine and you do not like reading books or anything that has to do with books then don’t read on(which I do not get because my blog is all about books and bookish things;) )…it might bore you even though you might miss on a great book :).

I first created my blog with a purpose…and that was to share with all my followers and friends posts about books that I have read and my own books reviews. Recently I have been a bit behind on reading and reviewing. I haven’t been able to finish reading books given to me by authors or reviewed any at all since my days are REALLY busy, but I am sure they understand(since I have let them know).

Today I decided to have some time to let you all know about one particular book that I am actually enjoying very much. As you can see it is titled: The Reporter and The Girl (Minus the Superman). It is by S.C. Rhyne, an awesome author and blogger. Her blog is VERY popular here in WordPress and I am sure some of you have heard about it. Her book is a huge hit and it’s getting more popular as time passes by. It was recently made into a paperback as it was originally a story blog. I contacted her because I was interested in reading her book after she posted a post asking if anyone was interested in reviewing her book. She replied back and provided me the ecopy along with the links of the  positive reviews readers have wrote(there hasn’t been a negative review yet). The reviews looked good and I knew I was going to like it… let me say something: IT’S REALLY GOOD. I am starting to love it. Since I want you guys to read it too and buy it ;), I decided to post the Book Cover and a little Book Blurb. If it’s up to your likes and interest then go follow her on her blog and read her book!

*I decided to do this post on my own will. The author didn’t ask me…nobody did.

It is not a comic book 🙂
Also click on the image to access S.C. Rhyne’s blog

 Book Blurb:

Welcome to the rabbit hole

I am the last person in New York City who would fall head over heels in love.

Independent.  Self-possessed. Why would I want to f**k that up?

My online dating profile at simply reads: “Just looking.”

So why am I obsessing about Jon Sudbury?

Jon, the reporter, is vanilla as a milkshake and has probably never tasted rice and beans on the same plate before we met.

At least that’s what I thought.

Why can’t people remain simple and predictable?

All I want is control, not to be sent hurtling at maximum speed into the unknown.

Nothing about our story makes sense.

The thing is, I can handle desire, lust, passion, even betrayal…

But love is another world altogether.

And this is not a love story.

**For Mature Audiences**

***Not a Comic Book***

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The Sunshine Award

I am very happy and honored to finally be able to do this post :). Well as I am proud to say that the past last week I was awarded two awards in a row! I felt truly delighted and honored. I couldn’t believe it…I was seriously jumping up and down :D.  But unfortunately I only have time to post about 1 award…so the Liebster Award  will have to wait, for now.

Quick note: The bloggers that I have awarded below are bloggers that I have known for a while, love their posts, have chatted frequently with, or we have supported each other in some way or the other. If I just met you and you recently followed me or I recently followed you, do not be offended if you aren’t in the list. Remember there will be more awards in the future and it doesn’t mean you suck. We just need to know each other more and I still need to explore your blog :D.And it’s probably not your time yet….

The first award I was awarded was by Don Charisma who has given me advice many times and who has become a good “friend” in the blog world. It was the Sunshine Award:

He has an awesome blog and many inspiring posts. I felt and still feel very honored that he nominated me….so thank you very much! 🙂

The Rules for The Sunshine Award (I am still a bit new to do this, but I think I got it):

  • Display the Award on your Blog.
  • Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you.
  • Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award – “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
  • Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded.
  • Write 10 interesting things about you

The Nominees (you can accept if you want to and the order of nominees does not matter):

1. Alex Raphael

2. Kindness Blog

3. Cancer Isn’t Pink

4. Support. Inspire. Connect. Reflect.

5. E-Tinkerbell

6. The Librarian Lady and Rosie Bear

7. The Seeker’s Dungeon

8. Uniquely Portable Magic

9. Fictionfanaticandromance

10. Lost in Expression

Congrats!!! 🙂

10 interesting things about me 🙂

1. I have never gone on a cruise ship

2. I have never dyed my hair

3. I still believe fairies and mermaids exist( I know 🙂 )

4. I do NOT like Jane Austen

5. I have never read a book by Virginia Woolf

6. I eat A LOT and still stay skinny

7. I have a HUGE family

8. I know 3 languages (Spanish, English, and French)

9. I am actually a very happy person 😀

10. I have never gone to Europe but REALLY want to

Well that’s it fellow bloggers!! Be proud and happy with this award and I am happy for you all. Do not feel bad or offended if you are not in the list (I know what I am talking about). The Liebster Award still hasn’t be posted…so you never know! 🙂

For now Dare to Read and Enter a New World

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1 year blog anniversary of The Reading Girl


Today I am celebrating my blog anniversary…well technically its January 12 but I won’t be able to post anything that day.

Celebrating my anniversary

I am very happy with everything that has happened this past year! Time fly’s by doesn’t it? I still remember my friend Lottie helping me create my blog, posting my first review, decorating my blog, adding extra things, meeting new people, and just experiencing that sensation of having a blog.

I never thought I would have a blog until the idea just popped into my mind and I knew I just wanted to have a blog. I am very glad I made that decision because then I would have never met some of you that have been great friends, would have never experienced what having a blog is, and just would have missed out on the fun of blogging. The Reading Girl blog has been the best thing I could have ever created. I come up with all these ideas that I am eager to share with you all.

I am very happy  with the progress I have made:

  I already have 251 amazing followers that I admire and respect for always having the time to read my posts, liking, and commenting.

  I have posted 88 posts this past year and have had 200 likes in total.

  I have 9,250 views in total ever since I started blogging.

  I also received my first award from Don Charisma blog.

It’s for bloggers who have never been featured in Freshly Pressed. I am very honored that happened to me, it may seemed odd but once you read the post you will understand why I am honored. If you guys want to learn more about it go to his website and check it out. It’s an amazing blog and I love it.

I have also, reviewed plenty of books and have recommend them to fellow bloggers. I have posted interesting posts, my progress, poems, and my own writing. Blogging has been a great experience. I love it. I love my blog, name, and decorations. EVERYTHING!!

This past 2013  has been great for me including this month of 2014. I have gone to Texas, have read A LOT of books, have met authors, have been getting known in the blog world, and have graduated my school with excellent grades. And to be honest 2013 has been great for me.

I also want to add what I would like to do here…


  1. I want to post more reviews and more of my writing. I want to get your opinion and feedback of how well I write.

 2. I want to read 150 books this year. My challenge in Goodreads will be done…I just know it!

 3. I want to get more followers and more likes in my Facebook page 🙂

 4. I would at least like to get a few awards on my blog

 5. I want to meet more bloggers

 6. I would like to get more self-published authors to ask me to review their books.  More requests than, I have already been asked.

 7. I would also, like to post more of my pictures as a photographer.

 8.  I just want to have a great time at blogging 😀

Currently Reading as of this year 2014

  Yes…after watching the movies I just had to read this…its the three books combined so 1,178 pages to read. It’s my second book of the year and I know I will love it very much. J.R.R. Tolkien is amazing. Should I do a movie review?? Let me know! Wish me luck guys!!

Small review I posted in my Goodreads:


Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien better surprise me 🙂

Loved the movies and also the two hobbit ones that were recently made 🙂

Its 1,178 pages…so wish me luck my friends! I know this will be a five

star for me. It might take me a month at least.


  Well, that’s it really. Blogging has been great for me. I hope my blog gets known more and I hope that each day I can share my experiences with you guys. You guys have become like a second family to me :). I also will post later on great books that I have read in the year 2013…there are many! Finally, I hope that more blogging days await me until the end of days.

 For now…Dare to Read and Enter a Whole New World. That’s my line 🙂

*I have updated my about me page…I deleted it by accident and updated it. I think its awesome :D. Check it out guys!

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The Reading Girl creates…a Facebook Page


Hello fellow bloggers and followers….I have something to announce and that is that I recently made a Facebook page for The Reading Girl blog! I think that is very exciting and a big step for this blog. It is a way to get more traffic and just post interesting posts, pictures, quotes, cover reveals, etc. And to interact with my audience and that way they can also be able to visit my blog and have fun liking pictures and posts. I already have 29 likes since I made the announcement in Goodreads a while back and family and friends helped. So each day people like my page and my blog audience grows more!

wpid-IMG_13828275817820.jpegSince I recently made the page I haven’t really posted that much. Only a few quotes and pictures. But my goal is that by January and February I start posting weekly or probably daily so that way visitors and followers have something to look forward to when they visit my page.
So please…if you have a Facebook page just type in The Reading Girl and click like :). It would be a big help and if you don’t want to do that much work just look to the right of this blog and you will see a Facebook Like Page box and click like :D. Its optional and I am not making you do it, but it would be a big help and very awesome.

I look forward to this…thanks!

-The Reading Girl

Merry Christmas :)

Hi guys!! Just wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from me, The Reading Girl :D. It is my first Christmas on my blog…yay!This has been an extremely awesome year with you all…because yes, you guys have made it awesome for me and the reason why I write in my blog.


Next year I am going to write more and post more often. There will be new books to look forward to and maybe I’ll start posting little stories of mine. This has been one of the best Christmas for me as I get to spend it in Texas with my cousins and I received more books and a new Photography camera!

I hope that you all have an awesome Christmas or had an awesome Christmas and I hope you have an amazing New Year in 2014.


“Do give books – religious or otherwise – for Christmas. They’re never fattening, seldom sinful, and permanently personal.”
-Lenore Hershey

Merry Christmas!!

Cover and Excerpt reveal. Seeking Philbert Woodbead(Fairweather Sisters, #2) by Anya Wylde


 The synopsis:

  The Fairweather Sisters Series: Book 2

Miss Celine Fairweather’s life was bobbing along like a boat on a tranquil stream when all of a sudden a summons from her beloved sister Penelope Radclyff, the Duchess of Blackthorne, changed it all.

Celine hurtles off to the London to help the duchess run the Blackthorne Mansion and to discover the whereabouts of her lost love Philbert Woodbead.

Celine manages to keep things deathly dull and under control for a whole week until she enlists the help of the handsome Lord Elmer—a mischievous rogue, an ex-pirate, and an incorrigible flirt who is wanted dead by all of England’s husbands with attractive wives.

They scurry from one giddy escapade to another seeking Philbert in musty inns and dusty streets, and through it all Celine tries to keep her bonnet straight, her gloves spotless and her heart in tune with her head.

Life has suddenly turned exciting, and love has well and truly bitten her rosy buttocks. Now the only question is … who has done the biting?


In the latter part of March of the year seventeen hundred and something, a large schooner rested on calm blue waters off the coast of England.

It was mid-afternoon, the water was unruffled and crystal clear, while the sky above had sent its grey clouds to London.

The sun beamed down on the deck where gentlemen with missing toes, feet, teeth or hands lay draped around the schooner attempting to snooze away the day.

Now, this schooner was no ordinary schooner (as you might have guessed from the hint above referring to missing limbs and such) but a piratical schooner, and the gentlemen were not really gentlemen but looters, marauders and plunderers.

Yes, sir, they were murderous, unscrupulous adventurers and stinking water rats.

They were all pirates. Each one of them were pirates. The whole blasted lot of them were pirates. In fact, they couldn’t be more piratical if they tried. And they tried. Oh, how they tried to be more devilish than the devil himself.

And one of them came close to being the devilishest … if that is a word. If it is not, then it should be because it perfectly described the tall, muscular, grey eyed man with his long silver streaked black hair and cruel mouth. This man was so wicked that the mere reference to him caused the afternoon light to dim, the wind to blow more urgently, the men to wake mid snooze, the tea to jump out of the cup … Where were we?

Ah, yes, the captain of the ship, the head pirate, the Black bloody  Rover, whose name was enough to frighten the children of the world into behaving, was the owner of this piratical schooner called The Desperate Lark and the leader of these dim muscled men.

He stormed now onto the middle of the deck sending the seagulls screaming into the air. His appearance caused the men to scatter while his frown had them cowering in the bilge. While they cowered, the Black Rover grabbed the cuff of a one legged man, his most trusted aide, and in low, clipped cultured tones asked, “Who stole it, Tim?

“George Rodrick Irvin, the future Earl of Devon currently holding the courtesy title of Viscount Elmer,” squeaked Tim. “The one we call Lord Wicked.”

“Kill him.” The Black Rover was a man of few words.

Tim bowed in response.

“And kidnap the cooks,” the Black Rover continued.

Tim dared to frown, “Cooks?”

The Black Rover glowered. “And the chefs. I want every single person who can cook to be kidnapped and tortured until we get it back.”

“Torture?” Tim asked uncomfortably. “Can’t we simply kill them and be done with it? I don’t like torturing. It is a messy job, and I don’t like it when they cry and they all cry.”

The Black Rover smiled harshly. He leaned closer to Tim and whispered in his half bitten ear two words, “Pigeon feathers.”

“Arr.” Tim’s sparsely lashed eyes widened in admiration. He shook his head at his captain’s intelligence. The most learned man, Tim thought proudly, was right here.

Pigeon feathers … The Black Rover was a blooming genius.

May going to June

I know I am a little late for writing this but I will anyways. May was an awesome month for me. I have read a lot of books, my birthday was the 29th, I received various awards in my school, I had finals, I went to Washington D.C for a school filed trip and had fun. I haven’t been able to be in my blog this month that much because I have been very busy but I still love this blog and hope to be in it everyday. And now waiting for the month of June and summer.

2013 Reading Challenge
You have read 40 books toward your goal of 100 books.

BittersweetWitch Child (Witch Child, #1)Ruby Red (Ruby Red Trilogy, #1)Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss, #1)Matched (Matched, #1)The Keeper of DawnThe Action Bible: God's Redemptive Story


It’s already the second day of may. many things are happening. My birthday is coming up. Audrey Hepburn’s birthday is coming up. School is almost over. Mother’s day is coming soon too. I am so happy to have this blog and that May is already here. Thank you guys so much for making this blog the way it is.

Currently reading: Bittersweet by: Sarah Ocker

A little too late!

So I guess I was supposed to write this the last day of February but I couldn’t. I am proud of my blog and what I have been able to do so far and the progress it has made. I have been pretty busy. And the days this year have been going really fast. So today I can finally update my blog.

Things that have happened:

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Views, Followers, Posts, and Comments!

Hi Guys! Just wanted to say that I am so glad I have this blog and I am just celebrating how many followers I have:

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Not A lot But I am still happy because that’s 9 followers already!

I am also happy because I already have 335 views since I started this blog , 61 comments, and 25 posts in total!!!!!

Well I am really happy and glad that The Reading Girl is making progress 🙂

My Process

I have read 4 more books:

2013 Reading Challenge
You have read 18 books toward your goal of 100 books.
Great work, you’re 7 books (6%) ahead of schedule.