White Roses

She was a beauty. She had a heart that was full of love and kindness.

Red cloaks would embrace her and many would try to conquer her.

But she lived with her white roses that gave her peace and hope.

More than any man could.

I don’t know how you might see this little short story or piece of writing, but if you do see a message behind it write down below.

Short Story  © The Reading Girl


The Feeling

It was crowded. It was hot. Their hands softly touched each other in what resulted in a stare.

A stare that mixed blue and green together. Souls becoming one and rising. It was a feeling both could not understand yet they wanted to explore.

As the crowd parted, they each glided toward one another, beginning an adventure that would never end.

I had meant to post this but I was busy. Enjoy!! 🙂

Short Story © The Reading Girl



 I have feelings too

My heart had trusted your heart

The happiness we felt was real

And then darkness came over

I remembered you no more

You shredded me and I let you

I should have fought back but I

let you tear me to pieces until I was no more


 Then when all my tears were gone

I saw a beautiful light

Stronger and powerful than most

Somehow it stood me up

Made me new and beautiful

I knew I would never be the same


I walk with that light

I was reborn again

I had forgotten the past

I looked to the future

And I had a new strength

Poem © The Reading Girl

Painting by Steve Hanks


My fingers press on the metallic wire

I nod my head to the side

And close my eyes and forget

I forget all that is bad

I remember all that is beautiful

I remember all that is full of life

I let go and let my body relax

I close my eyes and think of nothing

I think only of the magic my fingers will make

I hum softly and let my fingers create

Melodies full of life and sound

And my fingers finally soar away

Poem © The Reading Girl

Painting by Lauri Blank

Audrey Reading

Just thought I would share this picture I found of Audrey Hepburn, my icon, reading. I think its very awesome and detailed. Enjoy! 🙂


Picture © The Reading Girl

Reading Paintings/ Beautiful One’s too

I am obviously in LOVE  ❤ with reading. And I like art and I can draw but not as good as these artists:

Portrait - Painting - Women reading a letter on a couch

“Women reading a letter on a couch” By Vittorio Reggianini.

“Reading by a Window” by Federico Zandomeneghi

“Young Woman Reading” by a Window by Delphin Enjolras

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The Beauty: A piece of writing describing someone from my mind


Do not know the artist of this painting

She gracefully moves on with a glow about her

Tall, peaceful, beautiful

Her long black hair cascading down her back

Her smile serenity to all who see it and her green eyes light to the helpless

A gorgeous melody that leaves her lips calming  the adventurers

The Beauty

All that she touches she heals

The forest her dear home, her happiness

Her face full of light and glow from the green healthy life

That surrounds her

Out stretching her arm to any creature in need

She guides them to their destination, to their last journey when its their time

To their hope and paradise

The Beauty

She walks in peace and in grace

A bright sunshine to the dark world

The queen that one cannot seem to describe

That feels and loves

The Beauty

But life passes by and goes

She sees through her eyes of wisdom that the world is changing

And so is she

She slowly perishes away into a superior unknown world

Yet she turns one last time at what once used to be her forest

Her world and home that she has lost to evil

Remembering the beauty and innocent life

That used to be and hoping that in someway it gets saved


* Just a short piece of writing. Hope you all enjoy it 🙂

Post/Poem/Story © The Reading Girl  All Rights Reserved


True Beauty


Painting by Andrei Belichenko

I used to worry  too much about physical beauty

Used to think it was more important than anything

In a way it is good to have a bit of beauty

It somehow makes you feel wonderful knowing you can turn heads

But then I learned and someone told me that beauty fades away

As time passes by

That it won’t matter anymore

What will matter is how your heart is

How you acted in your life towards other

How our spiritual souls are

And as we walk more through that path

Our internal beauty Shines brighter and we glow.

That is True Beauty

True Beauty/ Poems © The Reading Girl

Between the Pages, Art by: Tyson Adams and the Unknown

Again, I was searching through Google for some great book art and I was amazed at what I found. Below are some of the ones that I loved the most.

The first two pictures were created by an artist named Tyson Adams. The rest of the pictures were created by an unknown. Meaning that somebody came up with it, but I do not know who :).

Enjoy! And remember to comment your thoughts below.



The rest: 

images (7)

images (5)


download (12)

download (11)

images (8)

I hope you enjoyed this. Its the beauty of art. Creating whatever you want!

Remember to comment your thoughts 🙂

Between the Pages, Art by: Tyson Adams and the Unknown © The Reading Girl



Painting by Andrei Belichenko

What things that are Good are stonger than the bad?

Love is Stronger than Hate

Hope is Stronger than Fear

Light is Stronger than Darkness

Faith is Stronger than Doubt

Bravery is Stronger than Weakness

Happiness is Stronger than Sadness

Our Souls and Spirits are Stronger than this world of Confusion

Anything is Stronger than the bad if you just Believe it is

The Beauty of Art: Ekaterina Panikanova and Mike Stilkey

I was searching for cool paintings of books and I came across these:

By the artist Ekaterina Panikanova:

Book-Paintings-by-Ekaterina-Panikanova-10PANIKANOVA-Ekaterina-6 images (4) panikanova1 panikanova-3 panikanova-1

By artist Mike Stilkey:

download (9) Book-Paintings3 painting-on-book42 book02 9 stilkey28 book-paintings-mike-stilkey-thumb290

Hope you enjoyed this wonderful art….that’s the beauty of art…you can create whatever you want!

If you have any thoughts about this, remember to comment below 😀

The Beauty of Art © The Reading Girl


download (8)



A Butterfly

A Snowflake

A Touch

A Smile

A Comment


A Tear

A Laugh

A Hug

A Child


A Feeling

A Thought


A Memory

Poetry © The Reading Girl

Hope by The Reading Girl

 That quote above describes exactly how I feel sometimes. I love the idea of writing and have always wanted to write something of my own…but sometimes I think too much about it or  just let time pass by and I never write.  Well I finally decided to write something of my own and share it with you guys. I want to post at least every week a little piece of writing I have done. I want to know what you guys think about what I wrote and if it needs a little work or something. I have never shared my writing with you guys or anybody really so I am a bit nervous…but go ahead and be honest…tell me what you think about it.

Quick note: Its rather a bit sad but it has its happy ending. Enjoy!

Picture is from Favim.com

Hope by The Reading Girl

As I stand in my sweet shore I wrap my arms around medescription

I look out to the blue waters of

the ocean to the infinities

That go beyond into another

world,  The wind blowing

furiously at me ,Tugging like its

trying to

Tumble me, A single lone tear

falls,falls down into the ground, A

single tear brings memories back,

Memories sweet

And Bitter, Memories of the past and memories of not so long ago

I feel like I am falling, Falling down a dark hole, a hole full of emptiness

And pain, What used to make me happy and full of life I saw as something horrible

Why did you go? Why did that happen to you? Why is life so unfair? The good are

Gone but the bad are still here, It’s something I’ll never get

I look up at the gray sky and as the tears fall I scream, Scream everything out

Like if it will make things better, In a way they do, Feeling a bit better

A sudden flutter is soft in my cheek, I turn and a fragile, delicate, beautiful small t

hing is there blue, purple, full of color and life…A butterfly…My Hope

A strange sound comes from nowhere…my laugh, happy, and alive

The butterfly lands in my palm and stays there as if comforting me and I smile

Thinking of what you once told me “Even if it hurts we got to stand up and move on

No matter the difficulty. No matter the pain or what happened” As I stand the

Butterfly gracefully flies away as if her duty is done, I turn starting a new path

Walking into the unknown, The hope that the butterfly gave me made me look far

into the future, Made me realize that you will always be in my heart and I never lost

You, Your spirit just went into a better place where I will soon see you,

As I walk into the infinity of happy surprises.

 That’s all! Enjoy and please let me know what you think 🙂

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