White Roses

She was a beauty. She had a heart that was full of love and kindness.

Red cloaks would embrace her and many would try to conquer her.

But she lived with her white roses that gave her peace and hope.

More than any man could.

I don’t know how you might see this little short story or piece of writing, but if you do see a message behind it write down below.

Short Story  © The Reading Girl


The Feeling

It was crowded. It was hot. Their hands softly touched each other in what resulted in a stare.

A stare that mixed blue and green together. Souls becoming one and rising. It was a feeling both could not understand yet they wanted to explore.

As the crowd parted, they each glided toward one another, beginning an adventure that would never end.

I had meant to post this but I was busy. Enjoy!! 🙂

Short Story © The Reading Girl


Another Path

She was running as fast as her legs could take her. The branches were ripping at her skin and she could feel the pain in her stomach. The warm blood gushing out in her hands and she felt like a million nails were stabbing her. As she ran, she felt her whole life glide right past her. She saw all she had done soar by and look like a dream. All she could do was cry and scream, she felt defeated and she felt worse than she had ever felt. All she could do was run to that tent where she knew she would find that hope. Where she knew she would at least see the happiness she could not remember. She just had to run and get there. After all she had decided to be in this war even if it meant loosing everything she loved. And when she thought she had lost everything it felt worse than a punch in the stomach. It felt like her world had ended and she was somehow alive but not there. And that’s when she ran and ran. She was hurt, her dress shredded to pieces, and she was almost nude, but she ran because it was all she could do.

“There!” she faintly heard a voice.

“Look. She looks dead.”

Her steps were weak, her vision was blurry, and her  whole body was in pain. But, she could still hear voices,male voices, she could smell the fresh air, and she could miraculously see the rows of tents ahead of her. She kept on walking to her hope, where she wished she could see the joy she could not remember or feel.

She heard footsteps approaching.

“Go get her. She needs to be cured.” said a familiar voice.

She staggered into his arms and felt the pain once again. She felt no longer alive until she stared at, the man who held her, green eyes. She could not recall who he was but he remembered her clearly. His eyes filled with tears as he saw her pale face. She could not understand why he was crying.

“I don’t want to die.”she whispered . It was all she could manage to say to this strange yet familiar man. She was closing her eyes slowly and he stood up and carried her.

“I won’t let you.” he said determined


Well, I am going through something now and this just came out of nowhere. It has a lot of different meaning for me. I didn’t edit this or anything, I just wanted to share it with you all :). Have a great night or day!

Writing © The Reading Girl

Spread Your Wings

  “Spread your arms like wings” his beautiful voice whispered to my ear, sending down a feeling I could not describe.

“Breathe, forget, forgive, and let go.” his voice echoed.

 Those last words were still ringing in my head. I didn’t want to forget or forgive. Breathing was not something I found easy to do after all these years of hardship. Letting go was not something I was sure I could do, not after all the hurt and pain those bastards caused me.

 I stood at the edge of the window, my feet feeling the cold metal. I looked down. I wasn’t scared of heights or doing this at all. I was more scared of where I would go. No, I was scared of who I was going with. Of who was telling me to do this. A sudden wind caused my black long hair to fly back and for me to lose my balance. I yelped, a scream escaping my mouth. My body went cold, almost rigid until I felt a strong hand on my arm.

 “Whoa, there.” the warmth of his voice spread through me.

 He pulled me back into the darkness of the room. I stepped out of the window in a trance not really knowing that I was about to fall to my death. I suddenly turned and stared at his green eyes,

“I can’t do this!” I whispered “I can’t just leave this, even if it caused me pain. You can’t just expect me to leave…it’s not that easy.”

 He didn’t say anything. He just stared at me so intensely I turned my head away feeling exposed under his eyes. His hands were like ice, as he grabbed my arms and gently led me to the window once again. Blindly, I stepped on the edge once more. I felt his body behind me as if protecting me. For some reason I wasn’t scared of him anymore.Maybe I never was. I was more scared of how he could figure me out.

“Look out there. Look at the night sky, past the stars into the galaxies, into a new world.” A soft breeze was blowing.

“Look at the trees, look at the night clouds, feel the wind, and hear it calling your name.” He said, his voice calm.

“Open your heart and forget them all. Come and fly away. It’s out there once you are free, where you will forget and be who you once were. Forgive Lyanne and be new.”

He stopped and I felt him looking at the sky. This is what I always wanted to do, go with him and leave this place. I could feel the tug in my heart, that suddenly went away as another feeling wrapped my soul.

“I’m afraid.” my words barely audible.

He laughed softly and was beside me, grabbing my hand with his. I knew he was letting me think and feel. I looked out at the stars and out beyond the galaxies. I listened hard at the wind and heard it calling my name. I instantly knew that I had to do this no matter what. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I breathed deeply, forgetting the past and what once used to be and looking at the future. I turned and stared at his beautiful face. He stared back and nodded as if knowing my decision.

“See it as an adventure you will never forget.” he said

His eyes twinkled with adventurous desire. I smiled and he smiled back as I grabbed his hand tightly and looked ahead. I didn’t know what I was going to find or where was he leading me. I just knew he came and I could trust him.

“Lets Go.”

This little story or short piece of writing just came to mind two days ago. I wrote and I wrote and this is the results. The story just above :). I think its all right and I wanted to share it with you all. Let me know what you think!

Writing © The Reading Girl