Book/Blog Policy

How I Review:

Each and every one of my reviews are a reflection of my honest opinion. I write very detailed reviews , outlining both aspects of a book that I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy. I write negative and positive reviews.
I rate my reviews on a rating system from 1 to 5 . I  do write long reviews, always providing the title, author, my rating, the first copyright date,a short summary and then my thoughts.
What I Read:
I read any types of books except:
Gay or Lesbian books,  political books, and books that have to do with witchcraft.
Self-Published Authors: 
I will read a self-published author’s work as long as the book is available in PDF or kindle eBook format(.mobi files) or epub files
 I accept: epub,PDFs, .mobi files, and physical copies(if you are a publishing company).
Posting Reviews:
I will post my reviews on my blog when I can. I will read your book as long as it matches what I wrote above 🙂
My normal posts:
I will start posting different things about different topics. Do not get offended if I post something you do not like. Just don’t read it. I will also post somethings in Spanish. I will try to make my posts as fun as possible 🙂

18 thoughts on “Book/Blog Policy

      • Hi TRG, Your policy is quite explicit that you do not read non-fiction books. The one I have written is non-fiction, but my test readers are all reporting that it is a gripping read that compares favourably with really good fiction. It has strong elements of scandal, intrigue, human interest, law, and gender politics.

        It also offers original ideas regarding narcissism, and through this a deeper understanding of what makes some rather unpleasant people behave the way they do (e.g., school bullies, especially the female ones). Probably the best example of narcissists were the Pharisees of the New Testament. I’m going to be discussing this in the sequel to the current book, hopefully in a way that is every bit as engaging as the current book seems to be.

        I was merely wondering if you’d consider an exception to your policy regarding my current book. If not, no worries (it is YOUR policy, after all); if so, you’re welcome to read my book at any time.


      • Hmmm….I see. I think I should fix this policy since it was written a year ago. But your book will make that exception :). It sounds like my kind of book and now that I think about I have read non-fiction books.

        I answered you about reading your book. Remember it does, interest me very much and I will read it when I have the time to since I want to fully enjoy it 🙂

        But thank you for this comment.



      • It feels like we’re playing blog ping-pong! I am honoured by your interest, and whenever is fine. What I have now is the .pdf galley proof, and the books themselves (hard cover, paperback, and all major e-book formats) should be out with the next 1-2 months.

        Cheers, Nav

        P.S. Don’t read too much in math class! You have to pay attention. };-)>


  1. I won’t read Harry Potter either, no matter how popular the books are. It’s sad to see how many Christians are in love with the books. Being a follower, I’ve never understood it.


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